Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wed C25K W4D3 + Thurs KB W1D2 + Fri hiking

After not running for 3 whole weeks, I had a good run Wednesday. I took a couple of extra short walk breaks & felt good at the end of the workout even though I didn't do an extra long warm-up. A few hours later though I could feel some soreness in my quads.

Thursday I finally did day 2 of the Kratos kettlebell program I did day 1 about a week ago). It was a good follow-up to the running. I threw in some push-ups (modified), sit-ups, & snatches during the longer rests.

Yesterday my husband & I went hiking with our 4yo. It was somewhat slow going as you might guess. We spent quite some time looking for a geocache but couldn't find it. :(    It was around a cool rock formation though: "Sandia Stonehenge" is what the cache was called. We hiked for about 45 min I think, not counting the geocaching.