Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I *have* been working out

On Saturday I posted Friday's workout, but I didn't post Saturday's. I went for a run/walk: 3.4mi in 53min. It was good.

Monday I went out again.I was going to go to the gym, but the weather's been so nice lately that I decided I had to take advantage of being able to be outside. There was a strong wind out of the south. I've been getting so little sleep lately that I didn't even feel like running till after I'd been walking for over 40 min! What running I did, however, was mostly uphill. Totals: time 1:06:13, distance 3.89 mi. I have a new long run distance! I used the iMapMyRun app for my phone. It plotted out 5+miles but it was very ... zigzaggy, and I knew it was giving me a longer distance than I'd actually run. Once I straightened out my route, though, I was a little disappointed to lose more than a whole mile. But it was a good workout.

I need to do core work.

Diet-wise I've been muching and snacking again. And the holidays are nearly here. More cookies!
I almost signed J & me up for the local CrossFit "on ramp" course but then realized I couldn't say for certain that I'd be here for all the days. They only take 10 people at a time for that course, so if I don't make it (it *we* don't make it) that's 1 (2) other people who could have gone instead.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 2 this week

Last night I did
swings: 2 handed, right, left 10 swings x 4
LC: 3x10
snatch: 2x10 1x20

Lunges: forward, side, back 10 ea

10 more swings (2-handed)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New goals

3x workout/week (so what's new there really) & Reindeer Run 5K Dec 18th (with the boys ideally).

Did manage 3 workouts last week. 1 so far this week: KB swings--20 2-handed, 10 ea LR; crunches--20 forward, 10 each side; plank--3x10sec; bridge--2x15sec; 20 forward lunges.

I've been having cramps in my left calf lately, right by my shin.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finally ran again

Hope you had some time this Veteran's Day to stop and contemplate and appreciate military members and veterans. My kids' school put on a Veteran's Day program and parade with a little help from the local AFROTC color guard and the HS marching band.

After taking my daughter to school this morning I passed out on the couch for a couple of hours until time to get ready to go the Veteran's Day program. Afterward, my daughter and I checked out the school book fair for a while in order to let DH get a nap too. (He'd lain down around the same time the parade ended.)

Finally, as the boys were cleaning up the kitchen & DH was cooking dinner, I went for a run. First run since my fitness test since my shin has been hurting again. I did a long (slow) walking warm-up, almost 15 [12] minutes for only 1/2 a mile. Then I started running and took lots of walk breaks. I actually wore my HRM for this workout; my target zone was 150-170, so once my HR hit 170 (or higher if I didn't notice right away, no alarm on), I walked until it got back down to around 150. Total distance was 2.87mi per mapmyrun. I don't know the time really, >40min I think. [45min total, 33min run/walk.] I've already saved the workout in my watch. I kept accidently hitting the start button. In the house I did some sit-ups and then some twists holding my KB--kind of like passing a medicine ball around only it was just me. Used the ultrasound/bone stimulator since my shin hurt some during the run. Actually, I've been trying to use it after every run lately since I don't use it daily anymore.

I was going to run/walk longer but 1) my left knee's been hurting too the last few days, a hard to localize achiness under the kneecap and in back; and 2) my right knee started hurting along the outside at the end of the run there, something felt tight or something.

...and I just found all the WYSIWYG editor icons. For whatever reason, posting had defaulted to "Edit HTML" instead of "Compose" but I was reading the tabs/colors backwards. OK. good enough. Good night.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not dead, just slackin'

I have done a few workouts since my fitness test. I just haven't been wearing my HRM, so I haven't had anything to upload, so I haven't been over here much either.

Yesterday I did swing sets 15sec on, 15 sec rest: R,L,R,L,both,R,L,both and maybe another RLboth. about 9 swings per set. Then I did 23(R) & 25(L) snatches. On the R side, I had to stop once mid-swing to let a 2yo go past and stop again at the top for even longer. Last night when I got home, my SS was out running and had left the pull-up bar in the garage doorway, so I did some (assisted) pull-ups too.

This morning I just did 10 presses/jerks each side with the KB followed by 20 twists holding it. So see, I'm not totally slacking. Plus I walk my daughter to school every morning. (Nice to see you again Mr. Sunshine.)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just stopping by

I barely get logged in when I have to log off again. I haven't done much since my fitness test. My left shin has been hurting again. I took the dog for a walk a couple of times and rose a stationary bike at the gym last Friday.