Sunday, May 31, 2009

2 posts in 2 days!!

:P My step-son just got here yesterday, so it'll probably actually be harder for me to post since he and my husband will probably be gaming a lot, using both computers.

I took the two little kids to the park yesterday. The other day I managed a couple of decent pull-ups. Yesterday, not so much "up" as before. I did a little bit of strength training last night, like 15 minutes. Just some curls, shoulder presses, tris and abs. I've been sore in new ways the last couple of days what with the Y!F workout and the ankle rolling, etc.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ack! Injury!

Ok, well, I think I'll be able to run again by Wednesday. I was playing basketball yesterday and rolled my ankle. It REALLY HURT at the time but is feeling a lot better today. I can walk fine, but I keep bumping it and over-extending it; maybe I should wrap it today. No, I was not wearing basketball shoes. I only have running shoes.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Man, I have been junking out the last couple of days: cake, cookies, root beer float, Coke... Today especially. This morning I had toast and chocolate milk for breakfast (1% and Hershey Syrup), a piece of chocolate cake with lots of frosting; lunch was a "cup" of Raman noodles. Later I had another piece of cake and took a package of cookies home with me. I did share them with my husband and the baby in the car. Dinner was decent but was followed up with the aforementioned RB float. Fruits and vegetables make small enough appearances in my daily diet; these last two days were even worse.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

(start of) Memorial Day Weekend

So let's see, I posted Monday the 18th. Today is the 27th. On Wed the 20th, I did a slow 20min run--no idea on the distance, I didn't keep track. On Thursday the 21st I did a 3mi race in 34:50. I think I was the last runner. 8~| :P This past Monday I did some walking/jogging, about 2 miles with the first 1/3mi on a scooter with my daughter riding her bike.

Today I plugged in the PS2 again and did Yourself!Fitness. I did the assessment, or 1/2 of it. The baby got a hold of the controller and clicked me through it. Then I did a 30min workout with an upper body focus. Afterward my daughter and I went for a walk/bike ride again. (I walked, she rode.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

What? Bedtime already?

Alas, it is. And once again a certain little Munchkin is still up. At least the baby's asleep. My shins still hurt from Friday. :(

Since the indoor pool was closed and the outdoor one not yet ready, and since I've done any kind of bike work only once this year, I did 30 min on a stationary bike. According to the readout, I did 10.76 miles. I wonder how far I would've gone on my bike--probably 5 miles. :P I need to air up the tires, dust it off and plan a route.

After the bike, I grapped a drink of water and headed straight outside to walk for another 30 minutes. It was a beautiful day for working out outside. I learned a triathlon training word over the weekend: BRICK. This is a bike/run workout. So I did a 1/2 a BRICK: a bike/walk workout. I wore my Mizunos today since I wasn't planning on running; they seemed fine for walking.

I have a fitness test on Wednesday and a 5K on Thursday. Rest day tomorrow. Sleep now. zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Soo sleepy....

I am. I am very sleepy. Been going to bed too late all week. I'd go to bed now, but one of my kids is still awake. (She's supposed to be in bed but is sneaking around upstairs.)

So I was supposed to workout last Thursday. Didn't happen. It was a very busy day: work, parenting class, church. I went straight from one thing to another and didn't really get home till after 9pm. Friday wasn't much better: conference in the morning, work offsite in the afternoon. The most exercise I got was chasing kids around a miniature golf course and pushing the baby in the stroller. Saturday I did get in a brisk walk; I took the dog for a walk, about 1/2 hour I think.

Monday I went swimming again, the last time in the indoor pool. The indoor pool closed today, and the outdoor pool opens next weekend. Brrr!!! That will be COLD! I swam 4x150 again plus some backstroke, sidestroke and kicks. I decided not to do pulls after all. I did get a pretty good night's sleep Sunday night, so I felt good during Monday's swim.

Tuesday was an almost 6K (3.55mi). I hadn't gotten a good night's sleep and was pretty tired. I decided to try the race taking walk breaks every 4 minutes. Good thing or I probably wouldn't have finished. ! My time was ~45 1/2 minutes

Wednesday I did a weight workout: pull-ups and dips (on a machine 'cause otherwise I'd not be able to do any; I was only pulling up about 15 lbs), curl/presses, bench presses, lunges, and a swing the weight up over your head thing--1 dumbell, 2 hands, like a big kettlebell swing.

Yesterday was a rest day, a sore-legs day. Today I did a long run: 3.76 miles. I was supposed to meet up with a group to do sprints after running a hill, but I couldn't find them, so I just kept running around (with a little walking). I couldn't run all the way up the 2nd hill! Time was 54 minutes. The nice thing was that I couldn't feel the soreness in my quads and hamstrings while I was running, and my shins and calves were feeling pretty good too. We'll see how I feel tomorrow! I'm really liking my Asics lately.

My appetite is finally starting to change with all this fitness. I have less appetite for sweets and junky stuff (like DiGiorno pizza). If I do eat sweets, I want the good kind: homemade, or a good brand of ice cream like Bryers, not cheap stuff. I need to find good stuff to take for lunch at work. The cafeteria is heavy on the salt. the breadfast tacos are good though, one on of these days I'll get an omlette. Mary makes a good one, I can tell by the smell! :P

I really need to get my bike out and get it tuned up. Or at least air up the tires! 12 miles! Better start practicing for that 12mile ride.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So far so good

Monday I swam (yes, just me) 4x150 yds. I took it easy, focused on form and breathing on both sides (3-stroke breathing pattern), and made it easily the whole way. I rested about 1 minute between each set, and I think each set took about 5 minutes, 5 1/2 or so. I did 100yds in pulls, 50 in kicks and 1 sprint at the end. 3/4 of the way back on that last one and I just rolled over and gently glided -- I was winded!

Tuesday I ran a 5K. I believe my time was 34:55...abt 11.5 minutes per mile. A good steady pace. Would've been a bit better if I'd been better rested. :P While I was running I figured I got maybe 6 1/2 hours of sleep for the 8 1/2 hours I was in bed, what with the kids waking up 2 or 3 times. One's teething, one was coughing. [Actually it was only 2.8miles; so my pace was slower. :( ]

Today I washed dishes. OK, so that's not exercise. It was a rest day; so I have to work out tomorrow. I don't know when I'll do it; it's a very busy day tomorrow! Oh and my legs don't hurt today!! I walked from work to the race start, and back again afterward. Nearly a mile. Is that what made the difference? It didn't work so well after the last 1.5mile timed run. I don't know, but I'm enjoying it! :~)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I really need to get on here more often!

I just realized it's been two weeks (again) since my last post. Let me get my bearings...

On Tuesday I ran: 2.8mi in 35:23. A little slow, but I also didn't have any kind of warmup. On Wed the 22nd, I did stationary bike, some weights, and some stretching. Friday the 24th was the big run I was fearing, but we got to run at our own pace. We had to run 1.5 miles; it took me about 16:30 minutes (~11min mile). Then we walked another mile to 1.5. Pretty nice. I was pretty sore again Saturday though. I just can't get past these shin splints. :(

Monday, 27th, swim day. I think we did 4 100s, plus some kicks and a couple of laps with other stokes. I was pretty tired; in fact, as I recall, I did quite a bit of the last 100 or two with backstroke. I probably did yoga on Tuesday. I have Yourself!Fitness. I like Maya, the trainer, nicely motivating, down to earth, animated--as in, she's a cartoon--and some of the comments refer to that. I like puns. I also like that the workouts are always at least a little different each time. I hope nothing happens to my disk or my PS2...the "game" is no longer available. I've heard there is a PC Fitness available in the UK, but I'm not there.

Wednesday I walked and ran. It was a 1.3 mile route. I walked the first lap. As I was nearing the first lap, more or less 16minutes, I went to check the time on my watch. As I switched from stopwatch to time, my battery finally died. I jogged the 2nd lap but have no idea of my time. :(
I really need to find my heart rate strap. I find that not being able to track my stats is a demotivator. Friday I played basketball. In other words, I did sprints.

Tomorrow is swimming again, and Tuesday there's an intramural 5K I'll run. Better pack my ice pack and IcyHot!