Monday, May 31, 2010

W2R, same ol' same ol' only it felt harder

Wow, my lower legs were really burning today! Calves, shins, especially the right side. Result of single calf raises? I don’t know. I was more fueled today, so that helped, and better rested. W10, R1-W1 x6, W11. 2.2mi. Note: last time I wore my new Asics; today I wore my old ones.
I went ahead and walked a 6th lap, going over 30min instead of under. By the end my legs finally felt better, but I could tell, if I ran again, I’d feel “the burn” again. I definitely need to improve my nutrition, good thing all the brownies are gone! ;~)

My maternity clothes, the ones that I kept, are getting tight. Nope, not pregnant. I just REALLY need to start going to Crossfit again. And eat less fatty stuff. I also need to do more tri-related workouts. I didn't swim at all last week, and I have yet to get my bike out of the garage or even use a stationary bike at the gym. That hill is going to kill. I've been rethinking that July tri; I've been so tired, stressed out, and busy that I'm not sure I want that on my plate right now.  Maybe I'll feel differently after a break.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

W2R Repeat (again) on 05/29/2010 - Brisk Walk: W2R Repeat (again) on 05/29/2010

Been doing morning workouts this week, they're harder. I'm not fueld up and I haven't been sleeping as much this week.

W10, R1-W1 6 times; W a few more, R 1 more, walk. A little under 30 minutes. 1.8mi

At least it was cooler this morning when I started than the other day! By 9:30 it's getting hot.

I have been doing a little more than I've posted. On random mornings I've done a little KB stuff, weights or stability exercises.

Friday, May 28, 2010

W2R again on 05/27/2010

W2R again on 05/27/2010

Slower today, 3rd day of < 7hrs sleep at night. Only the 1st night was a valid reason for staying up. I just realized I need to plan my mornings more specifically (as opposed to "better"), for example, what time will I get up in the morning? Then it will be easier to be motivated to go to bed when I should.


W2R W1 D 1/2 on 05/24/2010

10 min walk
1 min run, 1.5 min walk
(missed looking at my watch in time after the first 1 min walk; decided to keep that ratio the whole 5 cycles. Been pretty tired lately, and very physically tired yesterday.)
9 min walk.

Saw a butterfly and, it reminded me of a Newbie Chronicles story in Runner's World when whatshisname did the 5 mile run on his own. Couldn't find a link to it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday Swimming

Aack--mapmy run is messed up. I couldn't log this workout.

M and I swam yesterday for ~1/2 hour. S couldn't make it b/c she didn't have anyone to watch her baby at that time. M's shoulder is hurting, so we didn't do the same workout; we just shared a lane.

Warm-up was 2x 50 crawls, 1x50 kicks.
Workout was (if I can remember correctly) 4x100 crawl, another 50 in kicks, a fair amount of talking at the end of the lane ;~)
M brought fins to play with--wow! those DO make you go fast! another lap of kicks and 1 more lap of crawls--with fins. That was different; you can't kick as fast, so you have to find a different rhythm.

My left leg is still achy, so I haven't tried running again yet.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

6 tgu's 5lb dumbells
5x clean, lc, clean & press, snatch
2x10 clean, lc
1x15 snatch
1 set 8 forward lunges w/weight
1 set 10 bird-dog
1 set 10 "step-ups" (RW  1 leg at a time form practice)
2x20 ct bridge
10 supermans w/baby on back
A long 30 min made longer by pausing to get a kid a drink.
My hands hurt. DH says he'll file down that ridge on my KB handle today.
Inside of left shin achy after Thursday's run. : (

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walk-to-Run...for real this time

YAY! I got to run!

10min walk, for 10min alternate run 1min & walk 1m, walk 11min (somehow got an extra minute in the middle), but I ran a total of 5 minutes (lol). The weather was chilly and foggy; I finally wore those arm warmers I got for Christmas for running! :P I've worn them to work when I didn't have a long-sleeve T-shirt available, but this was their first exercise wear. ha ha. I wore my new Asics; they felt a little weird at first b/c they're not as wide, soft and comfortable as my old ones, but after I got going they felt fine.

I really have to watch what I think about when I run. If I start remembering the times that caused all this mess, then my stress level goes up and my shin starts to ache again. So I have to switch gears and "think happy thoughts." Today I was looking ahead to the triathlon. Speaking of which, there's another one in the general vicinity a couple of weeks later. It's really small, have I told you this already? 9 people signed up so far, only 2 in my age group....

LOL, I accidently just posted this on my husband's blog. I was using Firefox, and he stays logged in. I didn't realize it till I "view[ed]  blog."  :P

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swimming - Laps / Swimming Pool: Swimming on 05/12/2010
WU: 1x50 back stroke, 2x50 crawl;
WO: 3x100 crawl (2 earlier, 1 after the sidestroke lap), 1x50 back, 1x50 side, 2?x50 kicks.
I actually passed the guy sharing a lane with me, but he had a lot more endurance, plodding along.
I was working on my form, trying to glide, not taking the next stroke until my hand was in front with the other.
I have trouble with my breathing; it just doesn't feel quite right. And I can't swim "slow" because of it.

I've gotta get my endurance up for that open water swim--no pool sides to push off of every 25-50m.
M was supposed to meet me there. At first I thought she was already in the pool because I was running late, but it turns out she got caught up at work. We came up with some ideas of how to get her out of the office in time to swim.

Notice I didn't put any units for the length of the laps. That's 'cause I'm not sure if it's yards or meters. I think the indoor pool (today) might be 25m long (but I"m counting it as yards), the small outdoor pool 25y long (for the lap lanes, I seem to recall that it felt shorter last year than the indoor pool), and the big outdoor pool 50m long.

Also, I found out about a little bitty Tri in the area in July. Currently there are only 9 participants, 2 in my age group. If that holds, I'd actually place! :P

Monday, May 10, 2010

Short, quick workout

DH and I were going to go to the gym this morning--new routine--but since I still had homework due today we postponed it so I could get to school and work on it. Ha ha. I got there in time to remember about the blood drive. I got the paperwork started but then had to go to class. I went back and finished the donation after class. THEN I finally got those last 3 HW problems done--or close enough. Prof gives us credit for at least "attacking" all of them, then picks random ones to grade. A classmate and I had a question about the last problem, so we went to see him. Even looking at his solutions, HE couldn't remember how he did the problem, so he said he'd give us credit for what we got and not pick that problem to grade. ! :~) 

Oh but anyway, the workout. I pulled up the Prevention Workout for Weight Loss again (the one linked to the "work out like a guy" article) and did the arms/shoulders/chest/triceps workout. Took, I don't know, 10, 15 minutes? Maybe?

For Mother's Day, but not necessarily on Mother's Day, I got a gift certificate for a massage (still have to schedule it) from DH, pretty pink flowers from my Princess (she painted the pot), and ... well Spiderboy said he was making something at school, but I don't remember getting it. Princess also brought me lunch in bed yesterday after church. I was eating pizza in the kitchen, and she told me to go to my bed for my surprise. I said, "OK, just let me finish eating." She said, "OK."  10 minutes later she was brining me more pizza! LOL. Too sweet and cute! The baby gives me lots of kisses...anytime I want.

OK, gotta go to bed now. DH has a dental appt in the morning, getting a crown put on. I'm most likely going to have to ask the neighbor to watch the kids toward the end of his appt, so I can get to class. I meant to do it today and forgot. Bummer. (It's just the sort of thing I hate doing--bugging someone.)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Walking on 05/05/2010

Wednesday I took a wake-up break from studying to go walking. I spent 48 min doing 2.9 miles, two big uphills and two big downhills and windy. Now the muscles on top of my shins are sore. Also my left foot's been hurting about 2/3 of the way up on the outside. Yesterday it stopped mostly, apparantly suddenly. I'm not sure when, b/c I didn't notice at first. The neuroma has been bothering me more lately too, stress? It doesn't help that my new running shoes are narrow, although the side of my foot didn't hurt when I was walking.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I was about to go to the gym when...

...I was reminded about company coming over for dinner. So I went home with the intention of only staying for dinner, then going to the gym and then studying for tomorrow's test. Company came and went well over two hours ago, and I 'm still at home. I put the net up on the trampoline so the kids could jump. I found an ice-cream recipe for our newly repaired ice-cream maker. It kept getting later and later. I went for a walk and took the trash to the curb.

Finally I came upstairs to study but felt so sleeeeeepy. So I exercised. And I just realized I forgot to refill the cat's litterbox. BRB.         OK. So exercise: I adapted a couple of Diana's workout again, doing snatches (just the first ladder) and swings (4 sets this time, one weight). (I've really got to file down the inside of my kettlebell handle; it's got a lip that is tearing up my hands.)  I followed that up with 2 sets of Crossfit sit-ups and 4 sets of 4-way standing leg lifts. The KB part took 16:13min; I didn't time the rest.

Now that I'm awake, I should study. :~|