Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm a slug, 7/17/11

Found an old draft post I apparently never finished:

Aside from 8min bike rides to and from work, I didn't work out last week. I threw in a couple of sets of push-ups against the bathroom counter and scrubbed 2 bathtubs. But no running, not even chasing kids.

In the meantime, my 3yo likes to wear his "swim soup" to play in the water, and my 6yo thinks it's a good idea to put a folding chair at the end of the slide.  We had a good visit from my brother and his family last night. They stopped to spend the night on their way back home from vacation. They have 4 kids, the oldest of whom is 10 days younger than my 6yo. The youngest does a mean army crawl. :)

I almost made up this weekend for sleep lost during the week due to staying up too late (as usual). Used the bone stimulator a couple of times last week. My shin's been hurting more; hopefully it's just the stress. I'm looking for a new job. Scary.

The new house is nice, not really any bigger as far as actual living space goes. In fact, the kitchen's smaller. But the master closet, inside storage, and utility room are all about twice the size as in the other house. Oh and the back patio too! And we lucked out and got a fenced back yard, so now we can put up the trampoline.

Bike Ride

It was a nice morning for a ride. I went out the bike path along Wyoming and kept going south. After a while it turned east past the archery range and down a steep hill and across an arroyo. I almost turned around at the top of the hill b/c I knew the hill would be a killer to ride up. But I also knew it'd be fun to ride down, so I rode down and across the bridge. It was fun, and a little scary, going down (I haven't ridden down a steep hill in a long time). I turned around at the far end of the bridge. Coming back up the hill was a killer--I had my bike in the lowest gear and almost got off to walk it up, but I had just enough determination not to. It felt great afterward to know I'd made it up the hill.

I finally got my bike fixed and started riding again last Monday, and of course it was a very windy day. I almost walked to work it was so windy, but I decided to ride anyway and did make it to work faster than if I'd walked (the going-with-the-wind part really makes the difference, and against the wind I may still have been faster than walking). Of course my butt was sore by Thursday; riding only 8 minutes twice a day can do that when you haven't ridden since the 1st of November. But the riding has already made a difference in my running. I did my 3rd weekly long walk on Friday night and put a fair amount of running into it this time. It was a good, windy run. I did start to feel the tightness along the outside of my right knee like I felt at the 10K, but I stopped and stretched my ITB a few times, and that helped.