Friday, October 22, 2010

How's that for gratitude?

I had my fitness test today and did better than I expected! Then I saw how close I was to an even better score and got a little disappointed that I didn't get it. Then I slapped myself and said, "Hey! You did a lot better than you expected! Getting those extra couple of points on that part is hardly anything compared to running almost a whole minute faster that you thought you could--at best."

Run time: 1.5 miles, 15:33min!!!
Much thanks to a couple of friends who joined me on the last lap. :~)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh hello,

Tomorow's my fitness test. I had tried to schedule it for last week, but something went awry & it didn't happen. So I had an extra week to try to prepare. It's going to be close I think. I haven't been working on the running. I feel like I could help someone else buil up in running, but for some reason I can't do it for myself. Too much self-doubt & fear of reinjury I guess. I could also have some passive-aggressiveness going on: the Dr said to go slow and take it easy, so I will--very slow and very easy. Also, once the new quarter started again, if not sooner, my stress level went up and my shin started hurting again. I went back to using the bone stimulator ultrasound. But I also hate push-ups, & it's hard to get good sit-ups in when your kids think that your being on the floor is an invitation for them to sit and climb on you. I should just go to the gym.

I had to pick up some more protein powder for the 15yo, & while I was there I decided to see if they had something I'd like. The guy recommended Be-buff for women. OK. It definitely tasted better than the stuff DH & SS have been using. It's almost too sweet--I'm drinking some right now in a yogurt/milk/berry smoothie. Not too bad.

I went back to the Polar site and created a running plan (I think I mentioned that already). This is week 3. Hmm. Need to update it.

Yesterday was almost a complete waste of time--at least school-wise. I got nothing done. Even at home I only did 1 load of laundry and fixed dinner (which took me around 2 hours). I set up a schedule for myself on Monday and have yet to meet any of the targets.

I have been running more and even got in 2 hill sprint workouts. The 2nd one was Tuesday & I'd only gotten ~5hrs of sleep the night before. 9yo has been having trouble at school lately & that was on my mind. Before running the sprints I did a mile on the track and tracked it on my phone (using My Tracks), so now I actually have the map for it. I still need to update my fitness tracker(s) from my watch (& phone).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where are all my WYSIWYG options?

What you see is what you get
The only options showing are bold, italics, strikethrough, link, and quote. How do I insert a picture? I finally got some from the tri.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I should be sleeping. (& a bit of Polar vs Timex)

Correction to my last post: my fitness test was 3 weeks from that date, now it's only 2, and my speed still sucks. DH was out of the house most of yesterday & had our built-in babysitter with him for 1/2 of it. I should've taken advantage of time in the morning to go run again. The best I did was a "bunch" of sit-ups and push-ups (a bunch for me).

I really need to 1) get to bed at a reasonable hour (12:05am is not a reasonable hour), 2) eat "better"; mostly missing the fruits and veggies, of course, 3) workout more often and harder. Despite the fitness test being imminent and stressing about failing it, I'm having trouble being motivated to get my butt out and running like I should. I feel tired &/or sleepy a lot lately (Sudaphed helps, the good stuff). When I wake up in the mornings, in addition to the lovely sinus pressure sleepiness, I feel weak and even shaky. My husband keeps shoving 5 Hour Energy in my face every morning, but I need food with it. And I have to brush my teeth before eating or drinking anything--morning breath, yuck!

OK, so I went back to and got a running plan. It's free. Unlike @ the Timex trainingpeaks site. And I can enter workouts ahead of time on my own, unlike the Timex site which requires a paid subscription for that little privilege. A year's subscription is ~$100, about what we saved by buying Timex instead of Polar. Oh and my watch still loses contact with the strap; tried a different strap, no change. The Indiglo isn't working now either; tried a new battery, no dice. Guess a call to Timex is in order. I do hear their customer service is better than Polar's...

Good night.