Wednesday, October 28, 2009

...and the [orthopedist] said...

No running for at least a month. No running or other high-impact activity, that is. The x-rays showed evidence of healing going on at least in my left leg--a little bump on the back of the tibia. Also, the pain in my foot is from a Morton's neroma. At first I was glad my foot wasn't broken, but after doing some "googling" I'm not so sure a neuroma is better.  :-\  Guess we'll see if it's recurring. I also discovered that my neuroma does not like my Mizunos--too narrow in the toe.  So I'm wearing my Asics, keeping it low-impact while trying to maintain my cardio fitness and keeping my legs used to at least the motion of running. So far that's just been using an elliptical for 1/2 an hour at a time (30 min limit/machine at the gym) and walking some but not hard (now). I need some kettlebells; that's weights & cardio all in one!

I have been working more on my core lately. Monday I think I eeked out 25 situps; today I did an easy 40! (toes hooked under mats). After some other calisthenics and stretching, I did about 10 more with nothing holding my feet down! Now I just need to improve the pushups--they're so boring!

I told my husband he'd have to do the Thanksgiving 5K with our son, but today he said something about football...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bone Scan Results

I had my bone scan follow up appointment today. The scan showed some stress-related something or other going on in both legs, I believe it was both bones in each leg. I don't recall if anything showed up in my foot. Also, it turned out I was supposed to have gotten x-rays too. The folks at Nuclear Medicine probably figured I'd take care of that at X-Ray, and the guy at X-Ray, who directed me to Nuclear Medicine to make the bone scan appointment, apparently didn't see the x-ray order in the computer. SO, this morning after seeing the dr. I went and got x-rays. The nice thing about pre-8am appointments is that there's no line anywhere. I also got a referral to see an orthopedist; my appt is next Tuesday.

Well, it's past my bedtime and dang-it if I'm not hungry again. Only got 6 hours of sleep last night--in ~3 hr increments.  Night!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So what have I done for me lately...

Last week I completed my 30 miles in 30 days challenge! Yay! After my dr appt tomorrow I"ll see about setting up another one with a few more miles.

Saturday was my daughter's birthday party, and I'd stayed up late the night before doing homework. So I slept late and decided not to go walking with K. When I called her, she said she couldn't go either. The party was at a bowling alley, and it was a good time despite my score of 81. ;~) The kids had fun bowling. My sone and his friend were doing some kind of thing where they ended up on the floor after releasing the ball. Crazy boys. I did get some fast walking in: We thought we needed candles for the cake, so I walked to a nearby store to get some. Turns out the bowling alley provided candles. (It was a party through them, and they were providing the cake.)

So yesterday evening I made it to the gym. I did 20 minutes on the  elliptical (Precor --my fave), 9 or 10 laps on the track (I lost count; 9 is a mile), jogging the straights, walking the turns, trying to keep my shins from hurting more. I iced after I got home, my left foot too as it's been bothering me. This morning my left shin hurts anyway. I see the doctor tomorrow morning for my bone scan follow up. Hopefully he actually has the results! After running I did 20 situps, 10 supermans alternating sides (well, it was left arm, right leg and vice versa) 10 times, bridge at least 5 counts of 10.  At home I adde weights - 5lb: 30 bicep curls, 20 tri extensions, 30 butterfly, 20 finger curls--just letting the weights hang in my hands and closing and opeing my fingers, 25-30 reverse crunches (bringing knees up).

I had so much junk food over the weekend: brownies, cookies, birthday cake, chocolate creme pie (thanks honey!)  I need to make sure to keep weights and core exercises in my routine. Maybe actually having a routine/plan would help. Ya think? I think.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Took DeeDee out for a run

The temp is somewhere in the upper 40's, and it's windy, but even my fingers warmed up pretty quickly once I started running. (Good layering!)

DeeDee is our Beagle; she's named after Dexter's sister in the Cartoon Network show Dexter's Lab. My warm-up didn't get me very warmed up b/c DeeDee kept sniffing all around and stopping to sniff even more. Once I started moving faster, she did too and indicated I wasn't running fast enough for her taste. :)

After going a mile (with quite a few walk breaks--been pretty tired lately), we did a reverse of the warm-up, and I dropped her off in the back yard. Then I went back for another mile (barely made it in 14 min. 8| ). I started a 30 miles in 30 days challenge for myself at MapMyRun, and I'm almost done, just a couple of miles to go--6 more days! - Regular Run: Took DeeDee out on 10/14/2009

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

As Ron Stoppable says... BOO YEAH!

I was SO TIRED this morning when I got up that I almost rescheduled the fitness test. The baby (well, toddler) kept waking himself up last night by coughing. Poor kid's getting what his sister just got over. Fortunately I had plenty of time to eat breakfast and wake up before the test.

I eked out 28 pushups (30 was max) and squeezed out 40 situps (those shouldn't have been so hard, but I haven't been consistent on my ab work).  Then it was run time. That was the part that was worrying me BUT I knocked it out in 16:06!  That's 29 seconds faster than in Feb! Woohoo! :-D I was breathing hard all the way through it, but otherwise the pace felt comfortable. I scored 83.5 points, continuing my upward trend. Fortunately for me, BMI trumps the waist measurement. 8-| I'm working on that though; oh wait, I just said I haven't been, well at least not the muscle tone part. Gotta add that ab work back into my routine!

So far no new/additional pain from the run. I went to the the Dr last week to get cleared for the test today and mentioned the recurring shin pain, and he didn't like the sound of it. So I have an appointment next week for a bone scan. Should be an interesting expeience.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

elliptical & short walk +

The Lifecycle seemed more resistant even at level 1 than the Precor. I pushed some to keep the speed ~6 to get 2 mi < 30 min. I picked up the pace to 7 a while during the 2nd mile and was almost running on the thing--and my left shin started to hurt! After 29 minutes, walked 1/2 mile (10 min--so slow?!); 10 push-ups, stretching, plank.

Fitness test tomorrow. Hope I can do enough sit-ups! I haven't been doing them. - Cardio - Elliptical: LifeCycle elliptical & short walk on 10/07/2009