Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kettlebell found!

Wow--that huge white screen is hurting my eyes...1/2 size, darker background, much better.  Crap, I just realized today was supposed to have been my 3rd run this week. It wasn't even my 2nd. I didn't even workout today. Thursday, I was going to run, but DH had to take the truck to the shop, DD was not feeling well, so I started looking for my kettlebell again but still couldn't find it. Finally DH got home and said "I told you, it's by the x-box stuff."  Well, I'd looked in the cabinet where the x-box stuff was, and it wasn't there. So he walked over to the corner of the living room, moved the Rock Band stuff out of the way and pulled out my KB. "See, with the x-box stuff."  I told him where I'd looked and added, "not by the Rock Band stuff!"  OK, so it's Rock Band for x-box, whatever. ;-)
So to meet my goal, I have to run 5 times next week. I was going to at least walk to work on Friday, b/c my knee had suddenly started hurting Thursday, but I was running so late I rode my bike instead. Fortunately my knee was feeling better.

My lower back was sore Friday from my KB workout:
10 sets 15sec work, 20sec rest; amounted to 9-10 swings/set ea hand, 5 sets per hand.
10 sets of 5 cleans per hand, 15sec work ea, 3-5sec rest.
5 snatches ea.
Leg swings (15 ea, forward-back & side to side), 15 squats, 15 jumps, a la Active Warm-up.
Didn't feel hard doing it, but was shaky afterward.

I still haven't rescheduled my fit test; I'm not feeling the urgency anymore; watch it come back to bite me in the butt. I took a look at my hrm watch the other day; it's still sitting on my bathroom counter where it's been for months and months. I saw a strap a couple of weeks ago or so, but I don't remember if it was Timex or Polar. MapMyRun now supports Timex files, but I'd still like to get a new hrm of a different brand. I still like Polar but am starting to be more open-minded about Garmin too, now that they're starting to get smaller. I have small wrists! I like how the Polar watches calculate calories, whereas the Timex don't. You have to upload your workout data, and then the calories get calculated, so you don't see them until then.

I've also been tracking my food--mostly at work--in MyFitnessPal and have improved my calorie and nutritional intake. There's still a lot of room for improvement nutrition-wise, but I have seriously cut back on soda (2 last week vs 1/day) and junk snacking at work. My weight is on a gentle, downward trend--10lbs is all I'm looking to lose. It's also more motivation to exercise b/c MFP adds those calories back in to your 'allowance.'

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


OK, so, I was going to fit test last Thursday, but the test was canceled b/c the wind was too windy. After I got to work, I looked at my training log for the last few months and realized that I've hardly done any running since I started riding my bike to work--just a few runs a month since April! So I set up a personal challenge in MapMyRun to run 6 times by the end of this month. 2 down, 4 to go.

A while back (last month or two) I got a new seat for my bike--a gender-specific bike. It's not as squishy as my last seat (which I didn't feel was very squishy to begin with) but b/c of the shape it's more comfortable. I still find myself bending at the waist instead of the hips, but then I fix my posture and can breathe better and still be comfortable.

DH is trying to improve his fitness and has a goal of hiking the La Luz trail. I suggested he should go ahead and get tires for his bike so he could ride and get out more. So he did, they came today. He also bought a Trail Gator to connect Monkey Boy's little bike to his, so they can ride together. They're supposed to go out tomorrow. Lately DH has been feeling extra tired, achey and sick. In some reading last night he discovered that a fungal infection explains all his symptoms -- of course, there's a very wide range of symptoms, but it's one thing his doctor hasn't looked at yet.

Well, gotta go put DD to bed.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


After a 40min ultimate football warmup, I cranked out 20 push-ups no problem! Yay! Now to see how my elbow feels later.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Allergies suck

...and I'm not even talking about food allergies. It's peak "weed" pollen season here according to I wish they were more specific about which weeds. The Allegra I had been taking wasn't working as well and didn't keep my eyes from itching. I ran out of it about a week ago, but was out of town and not bothered by allergens. Now I'm back, and last night my eyes started itching like crazy again after the wind kicked up. I used some Visine, took some Claritin (which doesn't usu help much, but I figured any was better than none) and turned the air purifier on medium all night. After a while I stopped sneezing, and my eyes stopped itching. But I have felt so sleepy all day. I'd like to try some Zyrtec to see if that will work. Usually the Allegra suffices, but it's more than met its match this time.

I'm missing my weekly hill hike tonight. I usually drop my son of at scouts and then go, but they needed my husband to help out at scouts tonight, so I'm home with the younger kids. My left elbow started hurting suddenly the other day, on the top between the bones. I did a pull-up yesterday or Saturday, which made it hurt a little more. So now I don't know if I should do push-ups or not; I haven't been since last Wed when I did a 100 push-ups in 6 weeks workout. I've been looking for my kettlebell to do some cross-training (hopefully it won't hurt my elbow more), but I can't find it. Someone cleaned up the living room and moved it. I could restart the workouts; I may have reached the limit of how far I can go in that program b/c I only have 1 KB, and last I saw you needed 2 for the workout.

Saturday night I went running and had barely left the house when I saw 2 coyotes cross my path ahead a bit. The second one kept looking at me as it trotted past, and I kept thinking "I'm too big for you." It's small, but some, comfort to know that coyotes are much more likely to run away than dogs. I don't like meeting unleashed dogs when I'm out. Deer in the headlights--that's me. I've been threated 3 times over ~12 years by dogs. The second one acted all friendly until I told it "Go home!" That was weird. The other two were growling as they ran up behind me, so I knew from the start they didn't like me.  There was one dog once that trotted up behind me as I was out walking. It kept pace with me for quite a while except when I ran across the road to introduce itself to a couple of dalmations being walked. I got some dirty looks from the dalmation owners. I tried to tell them it wasn't my dog, but the dog made me look like a liar. Eventually I ditched it when it stopped to smell something interesting (I ducked into a building and waited for it to go past). Poor mangy dog.

I could so sleep right now.