Thursday, November 26, 2009

1st post-stress fracture "run"

Monday the doctor cleared me to start running ("but take it easy"), but I had class and studying for a test on Tuesday, so I didn't get a chance to run. The irony is that I did start having some shin pain again--after none for 2 weeks--as I stressed about the test and dealing with the kids that night. !

Tuesday after my test and taking care of stuff at school, I came home and helped my husband finish cleaning house for my parents' visit. They showed up around 5, so again I didn't get to go running.

Finally on Wednesday, after class I made it to the gym. Yay! I got on a treadmill and did a 10min walking warm-up, followed by 1 min jog, 2 min walk for about 20 minutes. The running felt good. :-) There was a little twinge in my shin about 1/2way through the workout, so I added another minute to the walking for 2 turns. The trick will be to put my stress somewhere other than my shin. - Cardio - Treadmill: 1st post-stress fracture "run" on 11/25/2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Power Walk

By 4 this afternoon, the day felt like a long Friday, you know, the ones that don't end? Plus it was overcast and quite chilly and, yes, I stayed up too late again last night, so I was tired. But after my workout this afternoon I was glad I hadn't already done it this morning. In my current sleep-deprived condition I think it would've knocked me out by this afternoon.

So I went to the gym this afternoon and started with some curls, shoulder presses, butterflies, sit-ups, etc. I didn't really pay attention to how long that took, maybe 15min?

After my core/arms workout I did a fast 2 miles--the 1st mile was in 13:20!!!! and my 2nd mile was in 14:32! I used the lap feature on my watch to count the laps for the 1st mile. The 2nd mile I timed as a whole. I can't go back and look at each lap's time with this watch. Wish I could find my old one so I could replace the battery. Anyway, my average time was 13:54/mi! I slowed down some at the beginning of my 2nd mile b/c my shins weren't used to that much walking that fast. Good thing I won't have to do a 3 mile walk fitness test! I don't think my legs are ready for that. :)

I called the orthopedic clinic today to see when I'm supposed to get x-rays done again. They said Monday, which is when my appointment is, but I know it takes at least a couple of days for the x-ray results to get to the drs. If I go to bed right now, I might be able to get up early enough to get the x-rays tomorrow morning before class, though they likely won't be ready by Monday's appt.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Workout Finally!

I had my killer math test today. I'm hoping for 50%. I know I got 2 of the 6 problems (12 pts ea) and put effort into the other 4, hopefully enough for 6 more points! I also know I'm not the only one in this boat, which is nice. The first problem was reasonably simple but my brain was so scrambled that it took me a total of at least 15 minutes to get the answer. At least I finally got it!

So since I didn't have an urgent need to study (I do have physics test on Tuesday, so...), I went to the gym this afternoon. Yay! I did 1/2 hr on a stationary bike that had Expresso on it, so I got to do a 1.5 mi route through a redwood forest (4 times). Not too bad. Then I went to the track and walked a mile, maybe 1 1/9, I lost track of my laps about 1/2 way through. It took me 17.5 minutes, so it probably was just a mile. I had to stop a couple of times and adjust my shoe.

My left foot, the one with the neuroma, was extra tingly and achy today. I kept forgetting to take some ibuprofen b/c I didn't have water with me and kept forgetting about it when I passed a water fountain.

Tomorrow is a group workout--at the gym again. I need to get back to working my core and doing push-ups (they're so boring!) But I feel good for having exercised. Now I just need to get my butt in bed and get some rest!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I've been doing quite poorly in the sleep department lately. I've been up past midnight 3 of the last 4 nights (past 2am for 2 of them!) getting less than 7 hrs sleep on average, and it tends to be disturbed at least once before I get up for the day. I only worked out 2x last week and not yet this week. I'm so tired, plus I have a test to study for. The test is tomorrow, so I plan to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight and for sure tomorrow night. Note: "plan" is loosely defined in my dictionary. :) The kicker is that most of my lack of sleep is all my own fault, so there's definitely no one and nothing else to blame--actually, that makes it harder to whine which actually would use more energy. :P

I haven't had shin pain in a while, yay. The ball of my foot tends to ache though, and sporadically, the outside of it below the ankle. Monday is my next orthopedist appt--I need to find out if I'm supposed to get x-rays before the appt or at it, but I keep forgetting to call the clinic.

I'm SO SLEEPY!!  Gotta study.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hill (Walk) on Monday

It was a nice day, so I took it outside. I walked down a long hill then back up it on another street. - Hill Workout: Regular Walk on 11/09/2009

I've had a harder time lately getting good workouts in. Elliptical's ok; they even have TVs in front of them but I can't see the screen of the one in front of me &/or I can't get closed captioning to work (never remember my ear buds), so I end up watching whatever the person next to me watches. Usually that person has closed captioning.  Plus I keep going to bed too late, like tonight. I should've been in bed at least an hour ago, but I started watching Terminator 2 on AMC with my husband. I recorded the end so I wouldn't stay up till 11:15 to see the whole thing, but here I am. :~)  I actually got unsleepy for a while. Better catch it while I can--still have to brush my teeth...