Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Easy Run/Jog

Did a gentle, easy 2mi run/walk (+ warm-up) this morning. 30 - 35 min. I'd jog until my shins started hurting, then I'd walk a bit, then jog again, etc. I focused on relaxing and affirming liking running to mitigate stress-related shin pain.

I saw two hawks! :) I think one was older than the other, and it wasn't around as much. The other one sat on the fence and watched me run by. Pretty cool.

My Polar watch flipped out again right as I was starting the timing. Not cool. So I took my husband's watch so as not to go too long and be late for class. Later, I discovered the watch emitting a very annoying tone. This was the severalth ;-) time the watch has flipped out (battery?) and the display is messed up too, so my husband threw it out (after silencing it, during which operation he lost track of how all the pieces went back together). Maybe for my birthday next year I can get a new one. - Easy Run / Jog: Easy run on 09/30/2009

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Running & Elliptical...& I can't find my Icy Hot

I worked out at the gym today. I wanted to try some running but on something softer than asphalt, so I used the track at the gym. 9 laps = 1 mile.

I started with a 3-lap warm-up (5 min); then I ran 1 mile (12:44!) (hrMax190). My shins ached somewhat most of the time, and my right knee bothered me a little, but the rest of it felt good. I got 2 laps into a cool down (~3min) when I saw an open Precor elliptical--yay--and hopped on for 21 more minutes (HRavg ~164). The sweat was just dripping down my face! (That's a fairly recent phenomenon; is it age related? Of course, when I lived in New Mexico the air was so dry that sweat evaporated right away. Once I'd get back into the house, I'd suddenly get all sweaty.)

I did some stretching, esp calves and shins then did 25 situps, 10 pushups, 10 mod pushups, bridge 30 sec. That was pretty much my max for those today; I'm rather sore from Monday and all the coughing I've been doing lately (the residual effects of all that previously mentioned congestion).

Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.
It sure would be nice to find that other HR strap. Maybe it's hiding in the garage with my other sports bra that I haven't been able to find since we moved. We really need to clean out the garage; I just get overwhelmed looking at it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Walk

I decided to take the dog and the baby for a walk. Next thing I knew, not only were the other kids coming too, but so was my husband. Woohoo! :)

We walked to the school and back, then I took the dog around the block too while everyone else went home. - Easy Walk: Family Walk on 09/22/2009

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Cardio - Elliptical: Precor Lifecycle

Ahh, nice to be on the Precor again; it really does have more range of motion for the ankles. The heart rate reading was a little goofy--slowly decreased when I took my hands off the electrodes and took so long to get up to the HR that at first I thought it was broken. Really need to find that other HR strap. I thought about doing a little bit of jogging after the 30min on the elliptical, but my legs were rather stiff, so I went and stretched. I also did pushups (15, 12), situps (25, 20), bridge (3x20ct), and planks (front: 3x20, sides: 3x10 each) (just counting to 10 or whatever, not seconds) - Cardio - Elliptical: Precor Lifecycle on 09/21/2009

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

USAF Marathon: 10K race on 09/19/2009

Oh it was hard to get up this morning! 5am! I realized that, at least sometimes, I relax and sleep more after hitting snooze. Not sure why. So I got up 20 minutes later than I planned to, had a couple of hard boiled eggs and a piece of toast and got ready. I remembered at the last minute that the shorts I'd planned on wearing didn't have any pockets (gotta have my Chapstick), so I had to find another pair. I was so tired, congested and had such a bad headache most of yesterday that I didn't really get my stuff ready before going to bed. At least I made sure I knew where my packet was! I'd put it with my shoes but then forgotten; I was almost at the panic point when I finally remembered.

I drove over to the race (nice to have it local), parked, and caught a shuttle over to the Air Force Museum (or more specifically the National Museum of the United States Air Force) and just followed everyone else out to an old flightline. Hung around, tried to stay warm (temp was in the low 50s); I was glad I'd worn bike shorts under my running shorts and a long sleeve shirt. Eventually I found 2 friends from work, so I had someone to talk to until start time. :)

Finally the race started. I mostly walked the first 10 minutes warming up. The first two miles took 15-16 min each (the big uphill started in the 1st mile and went at least 1/2 the 2nd--or felt like it). My hands were freezing for probably 3 miles! I wished my sleeves were long enough to pull down over them. :) I was in the back the whole way but wasn't dead last, which was very nice. :P

After the first 10 minutes or so I did 2 minutes run, 1 minute walk (approximately) for most of the rest of the race. There were a couple of downhills where I extended the run time as well as at the end. My overall time was 1:24:29, which is 5 1/2 minutes better than my goal and 8 1/2 minutes faster than expected based on my last few run times. :) woohoo! I place 90th of 119 in my age group. 3 years ago I never thought I'd do a 5K, much less a 10K! Then one day I realized I'd done 5K--it was doable! I would definitely do another 10K.

+brick and mortar bathroom near starting area
-no lights in it (there were lights installed but I guess they were on a timer, there weren't any switches. No windows either, so it was really dark)

-The front set of speakers didn't seem to be working. We were between them and the 2nd set and couldn't hear what was going on.

+It wasn't as crowded as I expected. They started the marathon and 10k at the same time, and it didn't feel crowded at all. I would have started farther back if not for my friends, so I was passed a lot at the beginning. Possibly those who started farther back but were faster would disagree with me on this point. At least the road was really wide that first mile.

+Post-race: lots of water of course, Nesquick, bananas, orange quarters, granola bars, La Rosa's pizza being made on site. I think there was more, but I can't remember. I grabbed water, chocolate milk and two Quaker chewy chocolate chip granola bars. I didn't feel like my stomach could handle a banana, much less pizza!

+Right after crossing the finish line, runners were directed to a race appropriate 'chute' to receive their medals. (Behind that were the towel passer-outers and the food tent.)

I saw one other person I recognized before the race and 1 friend starting the 1/2 marathon run as I was around mile 4 1/4--we passed ahead of the starting point there, and the 1/2 marathon started 1 hour after we did, so those of us bringing up the rear saw them head out.

My left knee didn't like going down hill, especially on the curve; my right knee didn't like the flat at the end. I was able to pick it up only a little bit at the end, my legs were tired! :) My shins are hurting now (of course, but it's ok), and I'm very sleepy--but my husband is about to make a Sonic run, so I'll wait a bit before going to bed. ;)

As I was leaving the race site, I passed a poster sitting out: Running for Roz, in memory of 1Lt Roslyn Schutte who was killed in action in Afghanistan, and I almost cried. Not long after I got that under control, the race announcer mentioned that the 1st airplane that the runners passed as they came in to the finish was the Hanoi Taxi, and I teared up again! Is it normal to feel extra emotional after a race? I mean, those sorts of things get to me as it is, but today was more. - Race: USAF Marathon 10K race on 09/19/2009

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picked up my race packet

So I went to the Wright State Nutter Center (stadium) to pick up my race packet this afternoon. They make you walk 3/4 of the way around past tons of vendors to get your packet, then the last 1/4 of the way around to get your t-shirt and goodie bag (fliers for fall races, Myoplex, USAF Marathon memorabilia offers, etc). Then you get to walk past all of it again on your way out. Good marketing tactic. And walking past everything again in the opposite direction helped balance out the crick I got in my neck the 1st time past. :-)

I'm feeling better than I was this morning thanks, at least in part, to Aleve, Tylenol and Sudaphed PE. I really should be in bed by now--an will be soon.

Congestion, achiness, Nooo!

Ah man, I feel sick again. I already went through a bunch of congestion a week ago, now I feel kind of achy too. At least I have the chance today to get a little extra rest. Maybe I can even take a nap. Gotta stay well!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gym again--Elliptical and treadmill

I did 20 minutes each on the elliptical and treadmill yesterday. There was a Precor empty when I got to the gym, but by the time I got changed, it was taken. :( On the treadmill I inclined to 5% for most of the time @ ~3mph. Still trying to work out that shin/calf tightness for Saturday. After I got home I tried some pushups, but my shoulders were to sore to do full ones. :( (yes, I did modified ones)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Elliptical workout

It's been a while since I've actually worked out at the gym b/c it's always too hot in there. But today, since I've still been hurting, I went and did an elliptical workout. I was hoping to get one of the 3 Precor crossfit(?) machines but no dice. It seems to me they offer more range of motion in the ankle, but I was able to really warm up those lower leg muscles on the LifeCycle elliptical. I tried to do 5 minutes backwards but could only do 2. Well, I might've been able to do more, but with the 10K coming up, decided not to push it.

I stretched a lot afterward, did some push ups, sit ups, planks, and did I already mention stretching? My legs feel a lot better. I also stepped into the shower while the water was still cold. Yikes! I made my legs take turns under the cold water till it got warm. I am NOT a cold shower kind of person! :P - Cardio - Elliptical: gym--elliptical on 09/14/2009

Saturday--walk w/baby

2+ miles at an easy pace. Left groin muscle tight at first (since yesterday); was able to walk it out. Shins still hurting from last 4 runs. :( - Regular Walk: Saturday walk w/baby on 09/12/2009

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Running Happy

On her blog, I Run Like a Girl talked about what made her run happy. What doesn't make me run happy is being hurt. >:( I was telling someone today that I'm really good at resting after I get hurt but not good at cross-training while I recover and not good at ramping back up slowly enough.

But I do like running on cool sunny days where there's lots of green, preferably not particularly early in the morning ... like the USAFMarathon 10K start time. :) I should start preparing for that early start by going to bed now. It's almost 11; should've been in bed at least 1/2 an hour ago, but I've been enjoying the quiet house (everyone else is alseep!) :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Longer run (but not LONG) and it hurt!

Man, back to the shin splints and the 15-min miles. :( I even warmed up for 15 minutes. Of course, I'm still sore from Monday's sprints. Heck, my right forearm is still sore from Saturday when my husband and I went shooting, and I threw clays for him!

I didn't get to run as early as I'd hoped (out by 5:30ish). I ended up fixing dinner first and then leaving it for everyone else to eat while I ran. It sure was tasty after I was done though! Orange salmon, rice, tomato, bread and butter (w/honey), chocolate milk. I was almost stuffed, and now I feel hungry again!

I did the 1/3-mi loop 9 times: run 2 walk 1, run 2 walk 2, run 2. Counterclockwise this time which *could* have something to do with slower times--short downhill and long uphill (ok, so really it's nearly flat).

The bottom of my right heel started hurting toward the end, also during my cool-down. I tried just really rolling my foot heel to toe as I stepped; apparently that worked. But oh the insides of my shins. :( I iced them as I ate dinner but not very well really.

10K in 1 1/2 weeks. - Regular Run: Longer run (but not LONG) on 09/09/2009

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Saturday: last minute workout (run) on 09/05/2009

Oops, forgot to "share" Saturday's run. My husband and I had a date at the shooting range in the morning, so K and I didn't go walking (she went walking with her husband) per our plan. Later in the afternoon some friends came over, so I couldn't get out to run until after 8pm. 1/2 mi warm up, 1 mi run, 1/2 mi cool down. I had one of the kids' vitamins shortly before the run w/o thinking about it; came back to haunt me on the 2nd lap. :( - Regular Run: last minute workout (run) on 09/05/2009

Interval Training: 1 mile steady, 1 mile intervals

1st mile @ steady pace 14:45min as usual. Feeling tired. 2nd mile w/2 speed intervals per loop (6 total), just sprinted until my legs were about to give out; not as far as I would have liked, but it's been quite a while since I've done sprints. The 10K is in less than 2 weeks, and the fit test is in 4-6.

I can't tell if I have a cold or if it's "just" allergies. I've been badly congested lately and constantly feel sleepy from the sinus pressure. Saturday, the allergy med didn't seem to make a dent in anything, and the congestion got worse as the day wore on. Sunday I took Sudaphed instead plus Tylenol, and that helped. It's also hard to sleep well when you can't breathe well.

I was supposed to finish my daughter's dress and do homework today too. I slept late, got a load of dishes washed and 2 loads of clothes, so it's not a total loss. I *really* need to get more specific in my planning--what homework when, etc. - Interval Training: 1 mile steady, 1 mile intervals on 09/07/2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

probably shouldn't have done the long route on Monday...

This is Tusday's intramural run, another 3+miler, though not as long as Mondays--this one was right around 5K. Today is Friday, and my left shin still hurts from Mon and Tues. My "run" time was 40:21 for 3.51mi (12:48 pace per MapMy run). There was an older woman, a grandma I've met, who was ahead of me and slowly pulling away the whole time. I think we were the last two runners during the 1st lap, but she past at least 2 other people on the 2nd lap. She had a good steady pace and was able to maintain it.

It was a very pretty day, sunny and cool. - Regular Run: Regular Run on 09/01/2009


I felt bad b/c the dog wasn't getting enough exercise, so I took her for a fast walk. she hardly stopped the whole time. She also hardly stopped sniffing the ground. :) Rabbits have been running around a lot lately. - Brisk Walk: walking DeeDee on 09/01/2009