Thursday, November 28, 2013

OK, so

So long time, no write.  Despite the last couple of weeks feeling particularly slow, this month has gone by quickly. Next thing you know, it will be 2014. I'm still getting used to writing 2013!

Thanks to Z's company, I did weeks 1-3 of LiveFit. Then in week 4, she was gone all week. I went to the gym on Tuesday & did legs and threw in a set of KB snatches: 20 per hand. It was an 18lb KB (all the KBs on the rack were marked "KG" but the 14 and the 18 were actually pounds, not kg) and felt light, so I was snatching rather quickly. Good thing I remembered to start with my left (weaker) hand, or I wouldn't have finished with 40. I barely reached it as it was.

I went to the gym again on Thursday, but it was a group workout, and we did circuit training. I think I needed most of the week off, though. It was restful (in that regard); I'm still not going to bed early enough. I skimmed a Runner's World article about training hard for 2-3 weeks and then backing off for a week. I need to read it again more carefully.

Monday Z was back at work, so we went to the gym (week 5). We add cardio back in starting this week. I did a mile on the treadmill, and if felt good. Z used this funky stairmaster that had actual stairs, like a mini escalator. She thought she was starting out on level 1, turned out to be level 11!  Tuesday and Wednesday were busy, so I didn't make it. Today, well, it's Thanksgiving! I thought about going for a jog this morning, but temps were below freezing. Maybe I should have gone anyway, b/c I only got out of the house once today--at sunset--to take out the trash. I finally tried strawberry rhubarb pie today; it was pretty good. I'm not much of a pie person; I don't usually like the crust--it's too much. But, with the exception of the ice cream that we didn't open, pie was our only dessert this Thanksgiving. (!)

I also need to do better eating-wise. I know that menu planning helps a lot, but I get bogged down too easily in the details, and it starts taking a long time. Well, my Team Beachbody subscription just renewed. I had gotten it for the food planning, but it wasn't working for me past the first couple of weeks. However, since I just spent more money on it, I guess it's worth giving it another shot, especially since I can't find the "cancel my subscription" link.