Monday, January 17, 2011

I've been up for almost 2 hours

School holiday today, so I got to sleep in. I wanted to be up by 8, but even by 9 I was still extremely sleepy, couldn't keep my eyes open. Part of the problem was that I was up till midnight last night. I was going to make a training plan last night. I was going to go to bed by 10:30. Instead I continued fighting the "watch more Doctor Who" urge and Googled this guy ( my latest actor crush. (so I was "looking at" as opposed to "watching" :P )

I have been so tired this past week. I was chalking it up to not sleeping last Sunday night due to working on my thesis. Every morning last week, except Friday, I went back to bed for an hour or two after getting the kids off to school. Friday I fell asleep in class; I sit close to the front. Yep, got caught. Even 5 Hour Energy hasn't helped; I've fallen asleep after taking that too. I've been trying Sudaphed (the good Sudaphed, pseudoephedrine) and Tylenol for congestion and sinus pressure. It helps some.

I did work out Saturday (yay), I didn't feel like braving the 25deg weather and so did a cardio workout in the comfort of my own living room. Thanks Jade and Brooklyn on ExerciseTV. I threw in some situps and side crunches b/c I hadn't felt like I'd had much of an ab workout either of the last two times. The rib cage muscles were sore yesterday.

So my plan for KB swing ladder #1 from, and active warmup from RW's Fully Fit series, and...running outside ... cringe. According to Accuweather it's 22 and feels like 13. But it's SUNNY, or at least partly, and I could so use some sunshine. (Watch it be cloudy by the time I get out there.) Maybe I'll take the dog. I ran in 19deg once last winter. OK. Here I go.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I worked out yesterday!

I'm finally getting back into a workout schedule. Yesterday I pulled out my latest Runner's World and did the Fully Fit sets in there. It took between 15 and 20 minutes. My legs are really sore today! (I didn't do the "Carioka" exercise as I only had ~3yds rather than 20 to move in.) Today I also found a 9 week kettlebell workout plan. It's prep for a 5min clean and jerk session, which I think I already can do, but hey, it's structure which I don't have on my own.

I don't anticiapte a workout today. I've been so tired in the mornings that I've gone back to bed after getting the kids to school. I didn't this morning & fell asleep in class.The prof had to ask the girl next to me to wake me up. o_o  I created a running program at Polar, which was supposed to start today. I think I'll give the Fully Fit and KB workouts a week or so and then re-set up the running. Next fit test by March 12 as far as I know. Aside from the fit test I'm looking for an event to do so as to have a target to work toward, some extra motivation. I looked into a local indoor tri, but it's turned into an indoor duathlon: run-bike-run or bike-run-bike, for time: 25min bike, 30min run. I'm much less interested in it now.

We're moving in the spring, so I was trying to find an event there to do this summer. Didn't find much, especially since I limit them to Saturdays.  Well, time to read for class and work on my thesis.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Crazy morning

It got really dramatic here this morning getting the kids off to school. Princess took her sweet time getting dressed. Of course, since the clothes she brought down weren't enough to keep her warm even in the house, I had to find her some other clothes (LS shirt, pants, socks...). Spiderboy took his time getting up; he was supposed to have left by 7:20 to eat breakfast and do Safety Patrol. Instead he got up ~7:20. Then he suddenly remembered his reading log for the week was due today. He typed one up, but I questioned its veracity & marked off what he'd put for yesterday. So then he got upset (because the log would be incomplete & he'd miss recess) and reprinted it. I went ahead and initialled it. THEN he realized he was supposed to do Study Links HW but forgot to bring home his book. We were able to find a school site online that had the assignment, but he was all worked up & had trouble doing it. ("Long" division. They're only just now learning it? How have they been doing the other big division problems they've had?) Finally at 8 I got them into the car and drove them 4 blocks to school. I was just telling Princess yesterday that I felt like such a wimp for driving her to school when other kids are still walking despite the cold. I got back home and cried in the car and got some of the stress out. It would have been significantly less stressful if the clean clothes that have been washed over the last few days were put away, if the kids would put they're shoes reletively neatly when they take them off, if they wouldn't leave 3 big Nerf guns on the floor at the bottom of the stairs by the front door. Reading a few blog posts has helped me relax.

Now I get to put away laundry. I have to. The kids aren't the only ones with clean clothes filling up a laundry basket (at least they're mostly still in baskets). And DH doesn't fold laundry either, so it's not a simple matter of putting clothes in the right rooms. It's not like I have data to analyze and a thesis to write. I wish DH would sort out his delayed sleep phase disorder, or at least put it to good use. Yeah he's pretty noisy at dishes, but what about the living room? kitchen floor? downstairs bathroom? budget? It doesn't help that, now that the kids are back in school, I'm only getting about 6 hours of sleep a night. I stay up late working on my thesis or unwinding from the day but have to get up and get the kids up. Yesterday I had some 5 hour energy and still fell back asleep.

Running? What's that?