Friday, December 31, 2010

Actually went running today!

I ran ~ 1/3mi in the middle of a bunch of fast walking. It felt good to get outside again. I've been doing minimal workouts lately, like 10-15min KBell stuff: cleans, swings.

I saw a video recently on SUAR's blog (in her comments) that talked about running efficiency, longer strides actually rather than shorter ones BUT with low bounce and still keeping the landing foot under you, basically midfoot striking, though it didn't specifically say that. It talked a lot about angles: stride angle as you step out, knee angle as you land, etc. So I was trying to step out farther but still not land on my heels. It reminds me of jazz running.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well, first to catch up. I went running twice last week in Albuquerque. It was really nice the first evening; the weather Sunday through Wednesday was highs in the 50s. Thursday though a cold front came through. It rained ALL day; that's not common in Abq. Friday there was snow. I went running the second time on Friday evening. It was rather chilly. Actually, I didn't know when I started out if I'd actually run. I was walking fast (to get warm!) for about 1/2 an hour. My right knee had suddenly started hurting the day before, under/below the kneecap. After the 1/2 hour warm-up I jogged for about 20 more minutes. I felt really good and wanted to go longer, but my ears were hurting from the cold.

This week I didn't do much. Monday I did KB cleans for 10 minutes: 80 each side for a total of 160, then some lunges, crunches, etc.

My right ankle, or foot below the ankle, on the outside has been hurting more and more. I noticed it first in the shower when I scrubbed it. It hurt more the day after I got back from my trip. I thought it was just from my boot pressing on that spot, but now it hurts to have any pressure on it at all. Tonight I was feeling it, & I seem to have found a spot that is more tender than the rest. I should probably go to the dr about it. My right knee is feeling better, but my left one still bothers me--feels "full" inside the back of the knee.

The kids all enjoyed their Christmas presents: Nerf guns, Lincoln Logs, a keyboard...
I thought about going for a run today, but I got a late start baking cookies. I had a huge can of pumpkin pulp which amounted to a triple batch of pumpkin cookies. Then we went to some friends' and watched Despicable Me. The guy was mean, but I expected him to be meaner. Now I just need to see MegaMind.

Well, hope you had a good Christmas.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Went running Monday, walking today

Monday I ran at the gym. I walked almost 1/2mi, ran a mile, then walked the rest of that 1st mile. The running mile was in 13:12min. Pleased with that. :~)  The overall pace was less than 15min/mi. By the end of the mile run, my head was feeling tight & I could feel a slight headache coming on. So I didn't do any push-ups or sit-ups. My quads were sore the next two days!

Today I had to go over to another building a couple of times for work. It takes all of 1 minute to drive there, so unless the weather's really bad, I walk. There was a pretty chilly breeze on my face, but the rest of me was warm. There's a big hill to walk up to get to the other building, so I got a bit of a workout in. Traveling next week, plan to run daily.

My shin has not been hurting but my right knee was hurting toward the end of the run. My left knee has been hurting the last couple of weeks when I sit on my left foot or rotate my leg outward with my knee bent (like sitting on the floor cross-legged). It hurts in the back.