Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday's workout

Wednesday's workout was a nice easy walk for a bout 30 minutes followed by some gentle stretching. Nice, but I can tell it's going to be hard to wait to run again.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Yesterday morning my back was still really stiff and sore, but I was mobile. I made it downstairs and then...sneezed. My back seized up, and I was laid up all day long. Occassionally it would start to feel better, but then I would move wrong or try to do something and mess it up again. The only way I could get anywhere reasonably comfortably was by crawling or having my husband hold me up, so that my back didn't have to support my weight. Getting ready for bed really messed it up, and I could hardly sleep for quite a while.

This morning I felt better but was afraid of making it worse again. The stress alone caused more tension. I called the Dr's office and got an appt for 1pm. Finally around 11am I dared stand up..and it worked! Briefly--I got some food and ate and had to lie down again. But I've been able to be more mobile and upright over the course of the day. It's almost hurts more to sit than to stand, except I quickly tire from standing.

The Dr said it was a lumbar sprain (strain?). So I'm supposed to avoid high impact activities for a while, rest, and slowly work back into running. Ah, fun times. I hate this.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finally pictures

I finally uploaded pictures to the triathlon post.

Sore back :(

Last Friday (not yesterday, a week ago), in a group workout, we ran ~25 minutes, then did 3 sets of 25 pushups alternating with 50 crunches, then played ulitmate frisbee. Ever since then, my lower back has been hurting to some degree. It was pretty much fine by Monday when I did my long run, but today it's hurting quite a bit again. I had been neglecting my core lately (for shame!), and I think I exhausted my abs, leaving my back to pick up the slack, consequently overtiring it.

Today I did some core exercises and awkwardly carried my daught partway up the stairs hurting it again/more in the process. Stinks.

I really need to do a workout today...haven't done anything since Monday.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - Training Log - Training Log

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Possibly my longest run ever (4.64mi) and really slow--calculated out to 17+ min/mile. On the other hand, my shins have been hurting since taking a walk last Thursday, so not too bad I guess. I noticed today that at least some of that shin pain was stress related; better than getting a headache I guess, as long as I can tell why. I felt a little faster after each walk break (don't know if I actually was after the 3rd one, but it felt like it :) ) I ran in new-to-me parts of the neighborhood, so I was a little nervous about that. As I crossed the street that's my usual boundary I was tempted to just follow it and do some other run. But I didn't! I also still don't have a working watch, so I went longer than I meant to.

A good run mentally. Ended going uphill and pushed my speed up, felt good (except for the shins and knee). As I walked the rest of the way home, I took off my shoes b/c my feet were hurting. I think it's time to look for new insoles.

Gotta hurry up to bed--my turn to go to Cub Scout day camp tomorrow (I so need a nap one of these days!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009 - Training Log for alystra2 - Training Log for alystra2

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Took a long walk pushing the baby in the stroller, not a jog stroller, just a regular one. He was getting pretty antsy by the time I got back home after 1/2 an hour.

Monday, July 13, 2009 - Regular Run: Area B hill run again on 07/13/2009 - Regular Run: Area B hill run again on 07/13/2009

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This probably won't work for anybody; I keep pretty much everything "private." I just wanted to see how it would work, and it can serve me as a reminder of my workouts.

The hill run is getting easier, I just need to work on the downhill part. They way we've been running the loop, the downhill is steeper than the uphill, harder to control speed.

Friday, July 3, 2009

So this is what it feels like...

It's after midnight, and I'm very sleepy, but I want to post this before I go to bed and forget it. I went for a late run tonight (~10pm) and was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt. I ran faster, more easily than before. I still have no endurance, and so took frequent walk breaks, but the running part...I couldn't make myself go slow. My left foot kind of hurt for a bit. Earlier this week it popped weird a couple of times--on the top outside part. I pretty much just kept going, and it stopped hurting after a bit. After running a while I did feel my shins (muscles) start to tighten up, so I walked even more. But, yay, I finally actually enjoyed the running. :~)

I just now titled this post and fear I may be plagiarizing. ;~) I recently saw the end of Sweet Home Alabama, and I do believe that (post title) is what the groom says when Melanie jilts him at the altar. That sounds harsh written that way; she did it as sweetly as I think one can do that sort of thing. (If you can't quite remember the movie, it starred Reese Witherspoon and Patrick Dempsey.) Anyway. I wrote the title and then remembered the movie.

Monday I went to a promotion party and missed my workout. I didn't make it up on Tues. On Wed I did kettlebells for 10 min (5 min long cycle each hand--49 reps ea--8kg/18lb weight). On a side note, I qualified for Rank IV in the women's one arm long cycle per the World Kettlebell Club's requirements. (World Kettlebell Club) Then I walked ~-.2mi and walk/jogged an easy 15min mile and wrapped things up with crunches, planks and stretches.

I didn't get a good time for tonight's run b/c my watch went on the fritz ~3sec into my warm up. :( Hopefully I can replace it soon.

Also, tonight I registered for the Air Force Marathon 10K race (Sept).