Friday, December 30, 2011

C25K W3D1, W2D1 combined

I bought the full C25K app to day and jumped right in. I figured I was in good enough shape to start at least at week 3. W3D1 was a little harder than I'd expected (the 3min run part), so for the 2nd half I went back to W2. That spot on my left shin hurt most of the time again; it's been achy pretty much since my last run (about a week ago). It lessened after warming up (~1/2 hr) .

Max HR 200bpm. Workout 60min, ~3.5mi. My walking speeds, esp toward the end, dragged my overall speed down. I'm still having trouble with a 15min/mi pace here at this altitude.
Shoes: Asics Gel-Blur33. Temp ~50deg, beautiful, sunny day. I took a picture under a tree to try to capture the brilliance of the sky contrasted against the bare branches, but the sky looks darker in the photo than it looked to me.

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