Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cross training day

Since I couldn't find my shoes yesterday I pulled up RunnersWorld Fully Fit and worked through most of the active warm-up. I was in a small room, so I couldn't really do the 20yd exercises.

After warming up YourselfFitness style I did
20 forward leg swings ea
20 side leg swings ea
10 donkey kicks ea
15 side scissors ea
15 forward scissors ea
10 Cossack extensions ea
10 V ups
5 sets of push-ups via 100 push-ups in 6 weeks
wrestler's bridge several times during the push-up rest periods
regular bridge several times, plus bridge with knees together (that's hard!)
10 rocket jumps

Then, using my mom's very light weights in lieu of a medicine ball (because I was at her house, and that's all I could find), I moved into the core work out
10 rotating knee lift ea
10 woodchoppers ea
5 big circles ea (my right knee was starting to be bothered)

and finished up with curl-ups (sitting, right leg infront of left, curl up to the right, left, center; switch legs and curl up to the left, right, center).

Today my hips and hamstrings are very sore! Not helped of course by sitting in a truck for 10 hours w/o much room to stretch my legs.  I definitely need to do that workout more often.

Oh and then a couple of hours later my husband found my running shoes behind a pile of laundry.

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