Saturday, January 19, 2013

Working out again, yay!

Worked out twice this week! Not just little Skimble workouts, though I did one of those yesterday, but actual, challenging, >40min workouts.  I found a workout buddy to help me break the ice at the lunchtime workouts at work.

Wednesday I joined in on a P90X workout--excepting the pull-ups; they couldn't find the indoor pull-up bar, and I wasn't about to grab a 25deg metal bar!--but I did lots of push-ups and the rest of the exercises...for the first half. Then I hopped on the treadmill and ran for 20+ minutes.

Thursday I walked on the treadmill first for 20-25 min: speed 3.5, target HR 145. Then I did 2-handed swings with the 20kg(!) KB they have there; I did 3 sets of 10 and finished up with 1 2-handed clean. That sucker's heavy!  Then I did a lot of stretching; I tried some crunches, but apparently all those push-ups made my abs sore as well as the usual soreness.

My upper shoulders/lower neck muscles are sore now from those heavy KB swings.  Week after next, when another new workout buddy gets back from vacation, I'm going to start swimming on Mondays and Wednesdays. Maybe I actually can be ready for that Splash N Dash at the end of March. :-S

OK, to publically state my goals, or at least potential events, for this year (I haven't signed up for anything yet):
30 March     Splash & Dash (run, swim, run)
20 April       10K at the ABQ 1/2
27 April       Rio Grande Tri
1 June          Tour de Cure ("It's a ride, not a race")
25 Aug?       Live. Love. Tri.  No 2013 info posted yet
7 Sep            The Color Run
7 Oct            Shadows Trail Run
Nov?            Turkey Trot?
7 Dec            Kringle 12K/6K
21 Dec          Farocito Trail of Lights run


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