Friday, September 6, 2013

Hiking, Running, and Swimming in Italia and Turkiye

Top: View of Italian mountains from hotel balcony. We hiked one a bit farther north...after we walked to it. Then once we got back down to the bottom, we ran back towards the hotel.
Bottom: The beach at the Mediterranean as seen from the street.

Turkey: "Heaven" A church deep in a ravine, at the mouth of a cave, where early Christians hid and worshipped. Going down wasn't too bad, but the hike back up? !!! I counted well over 200 steps up, of varying heights. I thought I had some pictures that gave a better idea of the height, but I can't find them.

I only know that it's deeper than I am tall. Beautiful!

It really is easier to float in salt water. But it's not easier to swim when there are big swells. Obviously there weren't any in this bay, but the water was rather chilly in this spot.
It was easier to run at sea level. It also felt a lot hotter thanks to all the humidity! Nevertheless I did a couple of afternoon runs in Turkey of 1.5 - 2mi. Not to be confused with having the runs, which I also dealt with in Turkey. :-|

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