Saturday, July 26, 2014

Restarting training...again. Of course!

Well now. I last posted in, what, March? And now it's almost the end of July? It's been a busy 4 months (or year and 4 months if that last post was March 2013). I moved to Tennessee the first week of April, started a hectic new job, and then left on a business trip just 2 day after finally getting into a house. I left on said business trip this past Monday. My husband received our household goods on Monday. The kids start school next week. (!!!)

But for now I'm in sunny Colorado getting back into running much more seriously. See, in 3 weeks I get to do 7 5Ks and a 10K in 8 weeks. Since starting the move to TN I've hardly been running, so now I need to Couch-2-5K (or equivalent), and I get to do it at a higher altitude than I've ever been, at least for more than a week. I hope it works for me! I have been doing 3 mile workouts but that includes 10min walking warm-ups and 5-9min walking at the ends. I went out 4 times this week, and these workouts are taking over 45 minutes. My right hip was feeling better until last night/today. Now it's pretty tight again. During today's run, the outside of below my left knee was hurting for a while. I need to do my physical therapy exercises more often too; they do help.

Thanks to some rainy weather, there have been some fantastic views here.

Here there were dark rain clouds with bright sunlight coming in from the side. It was an awesome contrast between dark and bright.

Here the clouds touched the ground, or maybe it was raining lightly, in just that one spot which appeared bright white.

My husband wants to settle here (closer to the mountains). My biggest challenge these days is getting to bed at a reasonable time--that's nothing new. :-S  And speaking of bedtime, it's that time, so goodnight!

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