Saturday, January 24, 2009

Same ol' same ol'?

Since yesterday's elliptical workout went so well, I started today's workout with an crossramp warm-up. I did 10 minutes and then tried to run, but my calves and shins were still tight, so I walked 4 minutes. From there I was supposed to run 5min walk 1min, but my muscles were still painfully tight. So I ran (slow jog actually) 3 walked 30sec a couple of times. Then I was finally able to do the 5:1 four times.

I finished up with 5 more minutes of walking and then stretched for several minutes. I was feeling kinda wiped out after this workout. I'd gotten up late this morning and so didn't have time to eat or drink much., just enough to handle some ibuprofen, so I was feeling somewhat shaky after working out. Plus yesterday, before the elliptical, I did lots of pushups and crunches making me sore in the shoulders today.


  1. The muscle tightness is extrememly common, it's just build up of lactic acid. Stretching helps alot, massage helps too. The more you work out back to back, the faster the stiffness will work out of the muscles :)

  2. In recent years, studies have shown that we've had it all wrong. Most lactic acid is quickly removed after exercise, and it isn't to blame for postrace soreness. (That's the result of microtrauma to the muscles.) It isn't useless either; it contains an important fuel source for high-intensity running. With the right training, we can delay the onset of lactic acid accumulation, and improve our body's capacity to use it for fuel.