Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm such a slacker,

about blogging that is. I have to cram in so much into my home computer time, but I usually end up on some tangent reading instead.

DH and I got new HRMs--Timex ones, so I've been using the Timex TrainingPeaks site to log workouts instead of mapmyrun. I wish I could upload to mapmyrun because I like it better, although the Timex one has food tracking too which isn't too tedious.

Monday we tried day 1 on P90X, DH couldn't get very far. His shoulder was hurting, plus he's just not ready for that intensity. I did the whole workout and the next day the fronts of my shoulders hurt from the push-ups and pull-ups. If I do unassisted pull-ups I can only do like 0.2; assisted (foot on step stool) I did 8.

Yesterday, M, S, A, & A(?) and I did a tri rehearsal. We swam 100m, biked 4.5 mi, and ran 1 mi. Well, I walked most of the mile. The ride kicked my butt! I couldn't get my hr down to even 170 during the "run"! When I finally got back to start, M and S told me they'd decided no more workouts for me this week. :~)  I also have been feeling pretty tired. Talking to a classmate today & he said to make sure I get enough complex carbs and a good multi-vit. I really should be sleeping already, esp since I'm not doing homework. So much for that tonight--I came home for dinner and DH passed out on the couch when I took the kids upstairs for baths. DD fell aslepp by 8:30! She's going to be up early tomorrow! Hope DH gets more sleep tonight. 8-|

Listening to Ray Lynch and Enya. Need to buy some music. ;~)

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