Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catching up again

Well I thought of several things to write about over the last week, but now I don't remember any of them. I kept doing the 1-lb Slimdown well until Saturday; I took 3 days off instead of 2--unless I do yoga tonight., I might, I might not.

I have to get my stuff ready to go back to school tomorrow. Oops, I was going to go up there yesterday and switch a class that I'm auditing. Guess I'll have to remember to do it first thing tomorrow. I don't want to go up there on a Sunday. yuck.

So...Monday I did yoga, Tuesday I did the "total body blast"; Wed I ran (good run--it was at 10pm, still pretty warm and muggy, but my legs felt strong. I ran almost 2 minutes before my first walk break. I decided not to look at my watch much and just go by how I felt. My aerobic capability is not equal to my leg strength now.) Thursday--off; Friday upper and lower body workouts. This was the first time I actually did the SD lower body workout, and it kicked my butt! I had to stop several times. I figured it would be hard to take the stairs on Saturday, but I haven't been sore. Yay for small miracles.

The next 16 days of the plan only have 1 day off/week instead of 2. My, well I can't really use the word "goal" yet, idea is to workout before going to school. That's what DH wants to do too. He's planning on starting P90X on July 1st. He also bought us both new HR monitors, Timex this time. They cost a lot less than Polar and do everything I want still.

I did lose 1 lb. ! :~)  I probably gained it back again this weekend though: brownies, cookies, frosting, brownies. Still not eating enough fruits and veggies.

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