Sunday, October 3, 2010

I should be sleeping. (& a bit of Polar vs Timex)

Correction to my last post: my fitness test was 3 weeks from that date, now it's only 2, and my speed still sucks. DH was out of the house most of yesterday & had our built-in babysitter with him for 1/2 of it. I should've taken advantage of time in the morning to go run again. The best I did was a "bunch" of sit-ups and push-ups (a bunch for me).

I really need to 1) get to bed at a reasonable hour (12:05am is not a reasonable hour), 2) eat "better"; mostly missing the fruits and veggies, of course, 3) workout more often and harder. Despite the fitness test being imminent and stressing about failing it, I'm having trouble being motivated to get my butt out and running like I should. I feel tired &/or sleepy a lot lately (Sudaphed helps, the good stuff). When I wake up in the mornings, in addition to the lovely sinus pressure sleepiness, I feel weak and even shaky. My husband keeps shoving 5 Hour Energy in my face every morning, but I need food with it. And I have to brush my teeth before eating or drinking anything--morning breath, yuck!

OK, so I went back to and got a running plan. It's free. Unlike @ the Timex trainingpeaks site. And I can enter workouts ahead of time on my own, unlike the Timex site which requires a paid subscription for that little privilege. A year's subscription is ~$100, about what we saved by buying Timex instead of Polar. Oh and my watch still loses contact with the strap; tried a different strap, no change. The Indiglo isn't working now either; tried a new battery, no dice. Guess a call to Timex is in order. I do hear their customer service is better than Polar's...

Good night.

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