Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh hello,

Tomorow's my fitness test. I had tried to schedule it for last week, but something went awry & it didn't happen. So I had an extra week to try to prepare. It's going to be close I think. I haven't been working on the running. I feel like I could help someone else buil up in running, but for some reason I can't do it for myself. Too much self-doubt & fear of reinjury I guess. I could also have some passive-aggressiveness going on: the Dr said to go slow and take it easy, so I will--very slow and very easy. Also, once the new quarter started again, if not sooner, my stress level went up and my shin started hurting again. I went back to using the bone stimulator ultrasound. But I also hate push-ups, & it's hard to get good sit-ups in when your kids think that your being on the floor is an invitation for them to sit and climb on you. I should just go to the gym.

I had to pick up some more protein powder for the 15yo, & while I was there I decided to see if they had something I'd like. The guy recommended Be-buff for women. OK. It definitely tasted better than the stuff DH & SS have been using. It's almost too sweet--I'm drinking some right now in a yogurt/milk/berry smoothie. Not too bad.

I went back to the Polar site and created a running plan (I think I mentioned that already). This is week 3. Hmm. Need to update it.

Yesterday was almost a complete waste of time--at least school-wise. I got nothing done. Even at home I only did 1 load of laundry and fixed dinner (which took me around 2 hours). I set up a schedule for myself on Monday and have yet to meet any of the targets.

I have been running more and even got in 2 hill sprint workouts. The 2nd one was Tuesday & I'd only gotten ~5hrs of sleep the night before. 9yo has been having trouble at school lately & that was on my mind. Before running the sprints I did a mile on the track and tracked it on my phone (using My Tracks), so now I actually have the map for it. I still need to update my fitness tracker(s) from my watch (& phone).

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