Wednesday, September 19, 2012


OK, so, I was going to fit test last Thursday, but the test was canceled b/c the wind was too windy. After I got to work, I looked at my training log for the last few months and realized that I've hardly done any running since I started riding my bike to work--just a few runs a month since April! So I set up a personal challenge in MapMyRun to run 6 times by the end of this month. 2 down, 4 to go.

A while back (last month or two) I got a new seat for my bike--a gender-specific bike. It's not as squishy as my last seat (which I didn't feel was very squishy to begin with) but b/c of the shape it's more comfortable. I still find myself bending at the waist instead of the hips, but then I fix my posture and can breathe better and still be comfortable.

DH is trying to improve his fitness and has a goal of hiking the La Luz trail. I suggested he should go ahead and get tires for his bike so he could ride and get out more. So he did, they came today. He also bought a Trail Gator to connect Monkey Boy's little bike to his, so they can ride together. They're supposed to go out tomorrow. Lately DH has been feeling extra tired, achey and sick. In some reading last night he discovered that a fungal infection explains all his symptoms -- of course, there's a very wide range of symptoms, but it's one thing his doctor hasn't looked at yet.

Well, gotta go put DD to bed.

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