Wednesday, December 12, 2012

To run or not to run

I went running last Thursday, and afterward, my hip hurt so much I almost cried. Finally on Saturday I took 2 Aleve twice (morning, evening), and it felt better. The ache has wrapped around the side of my hip now, though it hasn't felt as tight or as bad as even before last Thurs. I'm nervous to try running again now. Bicycling is nice; I don't have to use that muscle to bend my leg up b/c my other leg does the work as I pedal. I really ought to go to the pool to see how it does swimming, but right now I have a cold. Ugh. There's a Christmas 5K/10K coming up; do I run? I could probably walk it. It didn't hurt after walking to work this morning (~1.3K).

I found the Skimble app for free on the Amazon store (daily special) and downloaded it. It mostly has paid workouts plans, but there are some free ones too. I've done 1 week-long plan and am in the middle of another. The workouts are about 7-12 min, so nothing major, but yesterday's did help me stop feeling cold in my own house--I just needed to get my blood moving I guess. We had such nice weather up until Sunday afternoon, and then it just got really cold all of a sudden. I was warning my kids about it, and when I said it would be 20deg (F) in the morning my son said "That's not cold! We had that in Ohio, and I stood out in it!" (for crossing guard, thought I think that was pretty close to the allowed lower limit)

After tracking my food and exercise in myfitnesspal for a month, I ended up the same weight as I started. I figure I was giving my exercise too much credit for calories burned. So now I'm just logging food and not exercise, most of the time...well, not so well since Thanksgiving, but I'm getting back into the habit. Still drinking too much Coke at work.

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