Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Aha! Tensor Fasciae Latae

...or TFL for short, is what's been hurting in my hip for the last month. It's sharp-achy and tender to the touch just below the right iliac crest. I found a great discussion/conversation on it here: http://www.adoseofhealth.com/2010/05/hurt-tensor-fasciae-latae/

I couldn't find any tennis balls around the house, but we do have a back massager, so I used that on my hip, and it helped. Now though I feel the ache has spread farther around my hip. I haven't run in 2 weeks, but I did do 2 kettlebell workouts last week, and I think they exacerbated the pain in my hip. I've also done 3 longer bike rides recently: Thursday (1.9mi), Friday (3.2mi), and today (5.7mi!).  The KB workouts were short, ~15min or less. I started with 4-5 min of 2-handed swings: 30sec work, 30sec rest. Then I did cycles of clean and jerk; the 2nd workout I finished up with a set of snatches. The next day my wrists were slightly bruised from the 2 workouts in 3 days and no wraps--my kids lost them. I tried using my arm warmers folded in thirds over my wrists, but they kept sliding, so it didn't help as much as I'd hoped--but it did help some.

Sitting also exacerbates the TFL pain, and I did quite a bit of sitting at work yesterday and today. What hurts the most is changing from a sitting position to standing and then putting weight on that leg. And the longer I've sat, the more it hurts. Lately it's been extra noticeable how much time I spend sitting.  On the plus side, my other hip has been hurting less; I've even been able to sleep on that side lately, which is nice. I was getting pretty tired of always sleeping on the same side.

When the weather turned colder, dropping into the 30s (F) at night, my bike tires got low and sluggish, so much so that the back inner tube shifted & the valve was no longer perpendicular to the tire. My husband fixed it and aired up my tires more, so my bike rides much faster now. Today's ride averaged 11mph! Cool beans!

Hey, what did Einstein's mother say when he didn't want to go to the family reunion?
"Why not? It's all relatives!"   Ha ha, told ya I was a nerd.

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