Saturday, January 4, 2014


I've been working on making and keeping commitments to myself. Last night I barely got in the workout and did it at home. I was tired and my motivation was very low. Today I was sad that I had to get up early on a Saturday, after a nap, however, I felt better and made it to the gym. On the way home I felt good about the workout, not so much physically as mentally, that I had done it, that I had kept that commitment to myself. And maybe even, now that I think about it, that I finally finished week 6, mostly anyway. 5/6 workouts done, and I'm fine with that.

Next week it's back to work as usual, so it should (hopefully) be easier to stick to my workout schedule. Even though I think my gym buddy has another week of vacation. The hardest part for me now is the new exercises. I really don't like doing new things with other people around unless they're showing me how or learning with me like z.

Oh, and I found a 20lb KB today. I used it to do snatches in lieu of standing calf raises and a 3rd set of deadlifts. And my ITB/TFL at my right hip has been so sore lately. I almost cry when using the foam roller. And my clothes are getting looser in the waist. (!)

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