Monday, March 30, 2009

I Like Swimming...

...but my HRM watch didn't. :( I got 3 seconds of data, in other words, nuthin'. It was a good workout though. My triathlon buddy and I swam at least 7 laps (25yd pool) and then lost count, then 5 more doing kicks and pulls. It's been a very long time since I've swum like that--over 10 years! The pulls went surprisingly well; the bouys were more aero--aqua?--dynamic than the ones I'd used before, though they tended to slide. I had to cross my ankles to keep mine in place. As I hooked my left foot behind my right, I pulled that sore left tibialis; swimming of all places to hurt my shin more. Fortunately I figured out what I did wrong and was able to fix it.

Now I'm Hungry again! Sheesh, and I just brushed my teeth for bed, and it's late again. zzzzzzzzzzz. Too hungry to sleep. 8|

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