Saturday, April 4, 2009


Friday I worked out with a group led by a very fit, cheerful, sadistic young man. We did running drills: "tinies" (you know how you see people run through rows of tires, stepping in each one? This was like that only instead of tires, it was a small, flat ladder: right in, left in, right out, left out all the way down, on our toes) to the right and to the left; big leaps, twisting grapevine (they call in something else in athletics, but you get the idea, maybe), and so on. We'd do the exercise down and run backwards back to start. We also did frog jumps and duck walks, suicides, and some kind of loopy run drill. When we finished I got some ice for my shins; that helped, and I stretched my lower legs as much as I could.

All those tiny steps and leaping were really uncomfortable; my calves and shins still hurt from last Friday's run. But today my quads are SO SORE! from those frog jumps and duck walks. LOL I did a little bit of quad stretching after I iced, but I had no idea how much they'd hurt today! I know, duh, when's the last time I did those kinds of exercises. I have zero foresight. My right knee feels about ready to give out with every other step...but I wouldn't be able to fall b/c my quad's so tight! And we have stairs in our house, and baby gates to step over (2 I can open, but 1 I can't), ow!ow!ow! Are you laughing?

I had an inkling of this by bedtime last night and pulled on an extra blanket, but it didn't feel hot at all b/c it was so cold here last night. :(

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