Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday musings and report

I really should be asleep by now, but, well I'm a big procrastinator, and it's been a week since my last post (again). I just hardly get more than 5 minutes at a time on the computer during the week!

Monday I did a Yourself!Fitness workout, low impact; my shins and calves were still quite stiff. Tuesday night I did Yourself!Fitness (Y!F) yoga, which was nice. Wednesday I went swimming. I did a warm-up lap, a lap of kicks, 3 x 100s, more kicks, pulls, sidestroke, backstroke (~50yds each) and practiced turns. It was a good workout, and I didn't overdo it (which is easier to do in a pool since you don't have to hold yourself up).

Friday I played basketball. That went pretty well once my stiff muscles warmed up. I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, b/c usually it exhausts me aerobically, but this time that was fine. The hard part about the running was the stiffness...until I hit the floor and lost a nickle-sized chunk of skin from my knee. Then the stinging became the hard part. :P

Today, this evening, I finally got out and ran again for the first time since the group <10min>2/3 mile. Then I did a 15:30 mile. I'm back to that again. :( My right ankle felt like it was catching, and my lower right leg felt like giving out a few times. I should've iced when I got back in, but I wasn't able to; I had to finish getting the kids to bed while DH went to get the Easter Bunny's goodies. :| Yep, we'd forgotten about them when we did our grocery shopping earlier in the week.

I'd really like to like running. It didn't use to hurt like this. I rarely even feel the Icy Hot anymore when I put it on. I don't know if I'm used to it, or if it's just to old. I don't think I like my new Mizunos for running. They're stability shoes but have little arch support. I even put my Asics insoles into them, which is better but still low. I guess I'll stick to the Asics for running and use the Mizunos for other activities (walking, basketball, wallyball, ultimate, whatever). I did try on a pair on Mizunos that I liked a lot back in December, but I couldn't remember which style they were when I finally had the money to buy another pair. (They didn't have my size in stock in Dec.)

I've got to figure out this running thing. There's another (fast) group run in 2 weeks and another fitness test next month. At least the test I can run at my own pace.

I lost 2 pounds! I discovered it Wednesday. But then I went back to work on Thursday (after 2 1/2 days off) and gained it back. Why do I eat more and more heavily when I sit in front of a computer all day than when I'm at home? (Because I don't have to carry things, wash dishes--who wants to eat with wet hands?--fix the kids food, we don't have a "snack bar" at home...)

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