Monday, April 20, 2009

Catching up--again

So last week I started to update this blog, and this was as far as I got:

Last Monday I swam; I did 3x100 ... (plus kicks, pulls, turns, etc)
Wed -- vacation
Thurs kettlebells
Fri ultimate frisbee
Sat 2mi: 1mi walk 16min; 1 mi run 12.5 min; right lower leg all cramped up; icy hot slathered; shower and tylenol ahhh. Sunday heels ok (I was able to wear my high heels w/o any pain, unlike last time.)

OK, so now it's been *another* week. Monday was swimming again; we (my traithlon 'buddy' and I) swam a straight 400m (yd? I don't really know how long the pool is) and then did kicks and pulls. I'd gotten some advice on kicking from the hips instead of the legs and have been working on that. Tuesday I ran 2.8 mi in something like 35.5 min; I hadn't run that far in a while, so I just kept a steady pace. Wednesday I did stationary bike 20 min and some upper body weights. Thursday was rest day; we took a family walk before bedtime. Friday was another group run, but this time it was 1 1/2 mi at own pace, timed. I finished at 16:50, but I'm not sure how long it took me to get from where I started to the 'starting line'; someone estimated abt 20sec, which would put me at the same time or so as my last fit test. When we finished the run, we walked another mile or so back to start, also at our own, nice slow pace. It took at least 20 minutes, probably more like 30.

I didn't have time to ice afterward; my shins felt fine, though my calves were cramping up. Today my shins hurt, but not too much. I wore flat shoes to church today though. :P

I finally got my Polar HRM data uploaded to my training diary; too bad I can no longer remember what I did to go in and edit it. Actually I should be able to use the information here, but it would take a while. I got 12 files uploaded. The last one was from the 13th. Since then I haven't been wearing my HRM b/c I lost it (again). My swim goggles are hiding with it. Monday's swim was goggle-less; that was a fun drive home! dry, scratchy, sleepy eyes, bright sunshine. Oh yeah! Fortunately my husband found more goggles; now I just need to make sure they get into my bag.

My training buddy, a friend from work, has a friend who's supposed to be training with us, but I have yet to meet her. I'm starting to wonder if she actually exists.... :)

Now if I could just find my latest issue of Runner's World. I got as far as the Beginners stuff and was really looking forward to reading it, when I had to put it down, and I haven't seen it since. :(

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