Monday, July 27, 2009


Yesterday morning my back was still really stiff and sore, but I was mobile. I made it downstairs and then...sneezed. My back seized up, and I was laid up all day long. Occassionally it would start to feel better, but then I would move wrong or try to do something and mess it up again. The only way I could get anywhere reasonably comfortably was by crawling or having my husband hold me up, so that my back didn't have to support my weight. Getting ready for bed really messed it up, and I could hardly sleep for quite a while.

This morning I felt better but was afraid of making it worse again. The stress alone caused more tension. I called the Dr's office and got an appt for 1pm. Finally around 11am I dared stand up..and it worked! Briefly--I got some food and ate and had to lie down again. But I've been able to be more mobile and upright over the course of the day. It's almost hurts more to sit than to stand, except I quickly tire from standing.

The Dr said it was a lumbar sprain (strain?). So I'm supposed to avoid high impact activities for a while, rest, and slowly work back into running. Ah, fun times. I hate this.


  1. Yikes! I hate hearing stuff like this ! Patellar tendinitis slowed me down recently, but, with good stretching, rest, and NSAIDs, I overcame it. I'm worried about relapses, though.

    Learn from my mistake: Make sure you stretch really well before working out!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Thanks! I can walk now, took a 30 minute walk earlier, nice and easy. I stretched afterward which was actually the harder part. I didn't realize before how much I use those muscles! I took my heating pad to work today--much help.

    I realized today on my walk that this is going to make the 10K run much slower. Ah well. I may go swimming tomorrow; haven't been since the tri.

  3. I, foolishly, thought running was mostly in the legs. That IS where "the rubber meets the road", but the core/back muscles also have a significant role.

    Are you planning a 10K before Air Force or is September 19th still your target? I wanted to go, but my mentor is skipping Dayton to be with family, so I'll most likely skip it, too. I'm thinking about the Arkansas Marathon that same day.

  4. Sep 19th is the target. The doc said it would probably take a month for my back to be completely normal again, so that 10K will probably be pretty slow.

  5. I don't trust doctors. They all think they know everything.

    Finishing is more important to me than my time, at least for now. My first 10K was just under 90 minutes! Once I have completed my 50 states journey, I'll start working on lowering my times.

    Speaking of heating pads, I've kept my air conditioner AND my electric blanket going all summer long! Is that insane or what?!?!?

  6. Yes that is insane!! It still drives me nuts when my husband (of 11 years, so you'd think I'd be used to it by now) turns down the temp at night in the summer, and I still have to sleep with socks on and long sleeves and a blanket!

    My dad always let the temp go up at night in the summer and griped if I fell asleep with the fan on but curled up, cold, under the sheet. I had to learn to turn off the fan right before falling asleep but without waking myself up too much.