Friday, July 3, 2009

So this is what it feels like...

It's after midnight, and I'm very sleepy, but I want to post this before I go to bed and forget it. I went for a late run tonight (~10pm) and was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt. I ran faster, more easily than before. I still have no endurance, and so took frequent walk breaks, but the running part...I couldn't make myself go slow. My left foot kind of hurt for a bit. Earlier this week it popped weird a couple of times--on the top outside part. I pretty much just kept going, and it stopped hurting after a bit. After running a while I did feel my shins (muscles) start to tighten up, so I walked even more. But, yay, I finally actually enjoyed the running. :~)

I just now titled this post and fear I may be plagiarizing. ;~) I recently saw the end of Sweet Home Alabama, and I do believe that (post title) is what the groom says when Melanie jilts him at the altar. That sounds harsh written that way; she did it as sweetly as I think one can do that sort of thing. (If you can't quite remember the movie, it starred Reese Witherspoon and Patrick Dempsey.) Anyway. I wrote the title and then remembered the movie.

Monday I went to a promotion party and missed my workout. I didn't make it up on Tues. On Wed I did kettlebells for 10 min (5 min long cycle each hand--49 reps ea--8kg/18lb weight). On a side note, I qualified for Rank IV in the women's one arm long cycle per the World Kettlebell Club's requirements. (World Kettlebell Club) Then I walked ~-.2mi and walk/jogged an easy 15min mile and wrapped things up with crunches, planks and stretches.

I didn't get a good time for tonight's run b/c my watch went on the fritz ~3sec into my warm up. :( Hopefully I can replace it soon.

Also, tonight I registered for the Air Force Marathon 10K race (Sept).


  1. Hey! Maybe I'll see you in Dayton! Not sure if I'm going to do it or not. My friend, who is already registered, won't be able to make due to an anniversary. Also, I haven't planned that far ahead yet ... October is all planned out, but September is still up in the air!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the run!! No point doing something if we don't enjoy it. I hope they continue to get more fun for you.