Sunday, February 14, 2010

No running for 3 months!!

Went to the dr on Thursday for another follow-up, to see how the bone stimulator was working. Well, I've still been having pain, and it's been more frequent what with all the extra stress. I've been seeing a resident, so, when I said my leg still hurts, he went and got "the boss." "The boss" said to x-ray again, and if there's no sign of fractures to get an MRI. He said it takes 3-8 months for bones to heal (! I always thought it was just 6 weeks), but that they're easy to fix: "We just stick a rod in it." If the issue is a soft tissue problem, then it's harder. So I went and got x-rayed, and the doc (resident) looked at them right away. He compared them to last November's. The bump on the bone on November's x-rays that indicated bone activity (stress fractures) had grown to twice the size (28mm length vs 12mm), so no running (or jumping, etc.). He specifically mentioned elliptical, biking, and swimming as approved activities. I did say I wanted to start swimming again.

I had a midterm this week and a lab assignment due, so my workouts were sparse:

Monday: Crossfit. Wow! I tried to take it a little easy, didn't work! Let's see, Abmat sit-ups, supermans, knees to elbows (chest or however high), stiff legged dead lift: 30, 20, 15, 10, 5 reps. Where's the 25? I could only do 20 knees to chest the 1st time through, so I skipped 25. After I was done, I did some kettlebell stuff: 2x5 cleans, 1x5 jerks, 12kg bell (it's what I did my deadlifts with.

Friday: Lifecycle elliptical 30 min, sit-ups, side planks, stretches.

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