Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Mexico run

After 4 1/2 days in NM, I finally got to go for a run. Another one of those run-walk combos (as usual). Sadly it was dark by the time I got out, and I'd heard coyotes, so I was hoping not to run into any. We lived in that part of NM a few years ago & I had the oppportunity to run in my old neighborhood. There are these path sidewalks that are well-lit, but the main along-the-road sidewalks aren't as well lit. Seeing as it was around 9pm on a school night, the streets were deserted. It was an interesting run, a little creepy in the darker spots; would've been nice to have had someone to run with. I haven't mapped it out yet, so I'm not sure how far I went. But it took me around 1/2 an hour. At my latest paces, that's about 2 miles.

Well, I was going to add a photo, but I'm not seeing that option right now.

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