Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sick on my days off

Day before yesterday I came down with a cold. I did an hour of WiiFit b/c all that moving around kept my nosed from getting all stuffed up. Now my calves are stiff and sore but only the top parts; I really feel it when I do a straight leg calf stretch.

Yesterday I got back from taking my daughter to school only to see my DH putting his and the neighbor's bikes on the bike rack of the Jeep. (We were going to ride yesterday, but I wasn't the only one hit with that cold.) So I complained ;) and he added my bike and the trailer (for the tot). The guys were planning on doing some geocaching along the way.

We got the the rail trail and unloaded the car, hooked up the trailer to DH's bike, and headed out--oh yeah, 1st cache right there at the trail station. The first cache we got to turned out to be a puzzle cache and would've taken too long. DH was beat pulling the trailer, so I switched it to my bike. This was somewhere between miles 3 and 5. 2nd cache also a puzzle, skip it.

As we reached our turn-around point, there was a 3rd cache. DH was going to stop at the bottom of a hill and then go to it, but I didn't want to start the way home by having to pull 50lbs of kid and trailer UP HILL. So I waited at the top and let Monkey Boy out to walk around while the guys went and found their cache. Also around this time my Sudaphed started wearing off, and my nose started running. nice.

Not long after we started heading back, DH noticed an odd sound coming from his bike, kind of a pfft, fft sound. He had to change his inner tube out. Riding again, DH started getting dizzy (again), and he was out of water. :( Our neighbor went back to ride with him (did he share a snack? I don't know); DH walked a while. I rode on (I did have the car keys after all. If worse came to worst, I could meet the guys at an intersection).

We came to the spot of the first cache and refilled our water bottles/hydration packs. DH was still having trouble though. I went ahead to a new station and got a sport drink (and blew my really runny nose). I was about to head back toward the guys when they got there. We rested and DH drank the sport drink and ate some gummys. We talked about whether to leave him there and pick him up in the car or if he could ride the last 2 miles back. There was a nice downhill "on ramp" to the trail from the station, but then he STOPPED up ahead! WT? Something about a white squirrel. OK, so he had to walk some more. I rode ahead to try to get the car ready by the time he got there.

The neighbor and I got the car opened up, sleeping Monkey Boy into his carseat (which of course woke him up), found some pistachios, got the trailer broken down & on top of the car. DH arrived to make sure the bikes were racked properly, and I drove us home.

The guys clocked 12.8 miles including their last cache detour, so I claim 12. I pullled the trailer for more than 1/2 of that. Thank goodness for Sudaphed (so that my nose was runny for only half of the ride). I was shaky by the time we got back. If I'd had any idea before jumping in the car that we'd go so long, I'd've something to eat along the way. At least Monkey Boy had a baggie of cereal.

Shortly after we got home I had to walk over and pick up my daughter from school. Walking was fine at least. (another 0.8mi).

DH is very stiff and sore. He can't take ibuprofen (tears up his stomach) and doesn't have anything equivalent. :( My calves are sore, my quads are too, though mostly from yesterday's lunges and squats. My nose is stuffed up. My fitness test is in 4 weeks. I need to be able to do a mile and a half in <= 16min. Lately, that's how long it's been taking me to do 1 mile. :(

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