Thursday, December 9, 2010

Went running Monday, walking today

Monday I ran at the gym. I walked almost 1/2mi, ran a mile, then walked the rest of that 1st mile. The running mile was in 13:12min. Pleased with that. :~)  The overall pace was less than 15min/mi. By the end of the mile run, my head was feeling tight & I could feel a slight headache coming on. So I didn't do any push-ups or sit-ups. My quads were sore the next two days!

Today I had to go over to another building a couple of times for work. It takes all of 1 minute to drive there, so unless the weather's really bad, I walk. There was a pretty chilly breeze on my face, but the rest of me was warm. There's a big hill to walk up to get to the other building, so I got a bit of a workout in. Traveling next week, plan to run daily.

My shin has not been hurting but my right knee was hurting toward the end of the run. My left knee has been hurting the last couple of weeks when I sit on my left foot or rotate my leg outward with my knee bent (like sitting on the floor cross-legged). It hurts in the back.

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