Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well, first to catch up. I went running twice last week in Albuquerque. It was really nice the first evening; the weather Sunday through Wednesday was highs in the 50s. Thursday though a cold front came through. It rained ALL day; that's not common in Abq. Friday there was snow. I went running the second time on Friday evening. It was rather chilly. Actually, I didn't know when I started out if I'd actually run. I was walking fast (to get warm!) for about 1/2 an hour. My right knee had suddenly started hurting the day before, under/below the kneecap. After the 1/2 hour warm-up I jogged for about 20 more minutes. I felt really good and wanted to go longer, but my ears were hurting from the cold.

This week I didn't do much. Monday I did KB cleans for 10 minutes: 80 each side for a total of 160, then some lunges, crunches, etc.

My right ankle, or foot below the ankle, on the outside has been hurting more and more. I noticed it first in the shower when I scrubbed it. It hurt more the day after I got back from my trip. I thought it was just from my boot pressing on that spot, but now it hurts to have any pressure on it at all. Tonight I was feeling it, & I seem to have found a spot that is more tender than the rest. I should probably go to the dr about it. My right knee is feeling better, but my left one still bothers me--feels "full" inside the back of the knee.

The kids all enjoyed their Christmas presents: Nerf guns, Lincoln Logs, a keyboard...
I thought about going for a run today, but I got a late start baking cookies. I had a huge can of pumpkin pulp which amounted to a triple batch of pumpkin cookies. Then we went to some friends' and watched Despicable Me. The guy was mean, but I expected him to be meaner. Now I just need to see MegaMind.

Well, hope you had a good Christmas.

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