Friday, January 7, 2011

Crazy morning

It got really dramatic here this morning getting the kids off to school. Princess took her sweet time getting dressed. Of course, since the clothes she brought down weren't enough to keep her warm even in the house, I had to find her some other clothes (LS shirt, pants, socks...). Spiderboy took his time getting up; he was supposed to have left by 7:20 to eat breakfast and do Safety Patrol. Instead he got up ~7:20. Then he suddenly remembered his reading log for the week was due today. He typed one up, but I questioned its veracity & marked off what he'd put for yesterday. So then he got upset (because the log would be incomplete & he'd miss recess) and reprinted it. I went ahead and initialled it. THEN he realized he was supposed to do Study Links HW but forgot to bring home his book. We were able to find a school site online that had the assignment, but he was all worked up & had trouble doing it. ("Long" division. They're only just now learning it? How have they been doing the other big division problems they've had?) Finally at 8 I got them into the car and drove them 4 blocks to school. I was just telling Princess yesterday that I felt like such a wimp for driving her to school when other kids are still walking despite the cold. I got back home and cried in the car and got some of the stress out. It would have been significantly less stressful if the clean clothes that have been washed over the last few days were put away, if the kids would put they're shoes reletively neatly when they take them off, if they wouldn't leave 3 big Nerf guns on the floor at the bottom of the stairs by the front door. Reading a few blog posts has helped me relax.

Now I get to put away laundry. I have to. The kids aren't the only ones with clean clothes filling up a laundry basket (at least they're mostly still in baskets). And DH doesn't fold laundry either, so it's not a simple matter of putting clothes in the right rooms. It's not like I have data to analyze and a thesis to write. I wish DH would sort out his delayed sleep phase disorder, or at least put it to good use. Yeah he's pretty noisy at dishes, but what about the living room? kitchen floor? downstairs bathroom? budget? It doesn't help that, now that the kids are back in school, I'm only getting about 6 hours of sleep a night. I stay up late working on my thesis or unwinding from the day but have to get up and get the kids up. Yesterday I had some 5 hour energy and still fell back asleep.

Running? What's that?

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