Friday, June 29, 2012

in Washington

Washington state. It's been mostly cloudy and cool. Monday I did a 1.5mi run along part of the Clear Creek Salmon Run trail. It was very pretty and green, lots of plants new to me.  If you have the right view, you can see the snow-capped Olympic mountains, and in another direction Mt Ranier is a solid cap of white. I was told that it's actually a glacier-covered volcano with ice caves and stuff. The hotel backs onto an inlet. Very pretty.

Lots of geocaches around here. I found 6! Well, a friend actually found 1 of them--his first cache (aww). :-P One of them was one of those really-challenging-until-you-find-it-then-it's-easy ones.

That tiny green thing was hiding here:

Saw several ships too:

That day was sunny and warm--a little over 70deg. Apparently summer doesn't start till after July 4th and lasts all the way through August! Nice place for a summer home... ;-P

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