Monday, June 18, 2012

To tri or not to tri

So the only women-only triathlon in NM is Aug 25th, the day after I get back from a week-long businss trip. 7am, at least an hour away. Should I go for it?

I asked a friend about doing the tri together. She said she doesn't bike--but she's fine with running and swimming. We could do a rely. But then I'd only get to bike? (She'd run, I'd bike, she'd swim)

Also, my right knee has been hurting right along the outside of my kneecap whenever I run or even walk for a while. Usually after 30min, but almost from the start during my fitness test--maybe b/c I'd biked to work and then to the gym already. I guess I should see the doctor about it; it's just that if I see the same doc as last time, he'll likely just say "don't run or walk", maybe order an x-ray (I never found out the results of the one on my left knee, but since it's not hurting anymore I guess it doesn't matter).

So, should I tri?

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