Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ah, Saturday

I haven't run in over a week. I did do some extra cycling on Tuesday and a home workout including KB swings and snatches. I think I did too many snatches--I think I pulled a muscle in the right side of my back; it's been hurting ever since. Yesterday or the evening before I did some sit-ups and they hurt my back more. :-(

I had to run a class this week, which requred me to be in earlier and stay later than usual. Add that to the evening activities we have, and I either didn't have the time to run or the energy. But today it's all over. I haven't tried running yet, my back's still tweaked, so we'll see how it goes today. Fall festival at the local elementary school, and my 2 youngest want to go. Plus I'm baking cookies. Slept in.

Checked out "What to Wear for Runners" to see what Runner's World would advise this morning. It included a vest to keep the core warm but let the arms stay cool for that "in between" temp. Problem is, my core warms up just fine, it's my arms and hands that get cold. Plus at this altitude, the sun feels more intense, so shorts and a t-shirt would probably still be fine in 55deg temps. It depends on the breeze--they've gotten quite chilly lately!

I still bike to and from work. I learned a shortcut, so it's even less of a workout now, because of course I take it. Next week, since I don't have to be at work as early, I'll go the longer way again. I need to bike farther. I think I'll take lunch on Wednesdays for longer rides. I know a ~5mi route that takes around half an hour. Make it worth the $ to get bike-specific tights this winter. (padded--I wore my padded cycling shorts this week, and they were actually comfortable with this new seat. Yay.)

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