Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ugh, so slow

I ran twice this week and both runs were slow. 1st was Wednesday; I had fasted Tuesday and not gotten quite enough sleep that night. I rather expected Wednesday's run to be slower. Plus I ate too late that morning before the run, a half PB&J. 1 lap walking to warm-up; Total distance 2.2 mi, avg pace 15:54min/mi.

Today was long run day. Warm-up 10min walking, then alternating running and walking, lots of walking. Total distance 4 mi, time 1 hour, avg pace, 15:00min/mi. I started feeling mild tension around my forehead somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 of the way out. It was 47deg outside, sunny, breezy here and there. "RealFeel" temp was 56deg. I went out with a cap, t-shirt, compression shorts under soccer shorts, calf compression sleeves, (shoes and socks), and 1/2 finger gloves. About a quarter of the way out (out and back route) I took off the gloves; about 1/4 way back I pushed down the sleeves--they're really warm! When I got home, my 64deg house felt hot, and I opened the back door. My 4yo complained and closed it. ;-)

I hope to get a new Polar HRM soon and start heart rate training. Max HR today was ~190, HR range 155-190 most likely. I reset the Timex watch a couple of weeks ago to the proper date and time, but it has since re-reset to some default date and time. It's unreliable, so I won't try to use it afterall.

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