Monday, November 5, 2012


A very chilly run at Aberdeen Proving Grounds tonight! I was wearing dark blue shorts, running shirt, arm warmers, red calf sleeves, purple baja, and of course socks and shoes.I had on my half-fingered gloves, so my fingertips kept getting cold, esp in the wind. It started pretty typically, running on the sidewalk in an unfamiliar place. There was one notable difference: I could run longer with less effort, well, I think it was 8 min after a 5 min warm-up, but it felt easier than the other day, not just in my legs but in my breathing. (Actually, with the compression sleeves, my calves and shins felt tireder, or maybe I just need to get used to them--they're tight!

I started out behind the hotel and saw some deer! A young buck and 5 does/fawns.  I tried to get pictures, but my phone couldn't take a good one at that distance (not so far really, but it's a phone, not really a camera). As the deer crossed the street I saw there were a lot more! Like another dozen! Pretty cool. I headed out along the street planning on just doing an out and back. I ended up making a loop out a ways and then heading back.

This is the best shot I could get of the buck.

As I re-approached the hotel, I still had time left I needed to run, so I ran past and around to the right where I wouldn't have known there was a road if not for the MapMyRun app map. Turns out we're quite close to the water! I ran past Outdoor Rec and through the grass to a park. Paused for a bit to swing and ran some more past all the playground equipment. It was great running through the grass and leaves--better than trail running b/c I didn't have to watch my feet as much. Couldn't really, it was getting dark. ;-) I passed another deer--maybe 50 feet away?--on the way back. She stood so still as we stared at each other. And to think, I almost didn't got out b/c I was really tired and new it was cold.

OK, so My Tracks. I uploaded the map today. I had selected to save a kml file to my SD card, but there was nothing in the folder when I looked. So I resaved as a gpx, plugged my phone into the computer and uploaded the file. It saved just fine including route/timing data. Sweet!

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