Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Still running

I had two good runs last week--1 Monday and 1 Thursday.  Monday I did 1.65 miles at an average 12min/mi pace, and it felt pretty good.  Thursday was my fit test. I did 1.5 mi at an 11 min/mi pace; it felt harder. ;-)  I didn't score as well overall on the fit test b/c I've gotten fatter since my last one, so I lost some points there. I managed to make up half a point by doing 30 push-ups instead of just 26--0.1 pt per push-up for those last few.

Friday I went to the Polar fitness site and set up a new program. I'm going to alternate running and biking (once I add air to my tires anyway; they've gotten low with this cold weather). I was supposed to start yesterday, but I was really tired from staying up too late Sunday night. Maybe I'll go out later tonight. I miss the daylight in the evening! But I'm also glad to have the daylight in the mornings. Sigh, can't lose for winning.

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