Sunday, May 3, 2009

I really need to get on here more often!

I just realized it's been two weeks (again) since my last post. Let me get my bearings...

On Tuesday I ran: 2.8mi in 35:23. A little slow, but I also didn't have any kind of warmup. On Wed the 22nd, I did stationary bike, some weights, and some stretching. Friday the 24th was the big run I was fearing, but we got to run at our own pace. We had to run 1.5 miles; it took me about 16:30 minutes (~11min mile). Then we walked another mile to 1.5. Pretty nice. I was pretty sore again Saturday though. I just can't get past these shin splints. :(

Monday, 27th, swim day. I think we did 4 100s, plus some kicks and a couple of laps with other stokes. I was pretty tired; in fact, as I recall, I did quite a bit of the last 100 or two with backstroke. I probably did yoga on Tuesday. I have Yourself!Fitness. I like Maya, the trainer, nicely motivating, down to earth, animated--as in, she's a cartoon--and some of the comments refer to that. I like puns. I also like that the workouts are always at least a little different each time. I hope nothing happens to my disk or my PS2...the "game" is no longer available. I've heard there is a PC Fitness available in the UK, but I'm not there.

Wednesday I walked and ran. It was a 1.3 mile route. I walked the first lap. As I was nearing the first lap, more or less 16minutes, I went to check the time on my watch. As I switched from stopwatch to time, my battery finally died. I jogged the 2nd lap but have no idea of my time. :(
I really need to find my heart rate strap. I find that not being able to track my stats is a demotivator. Friday I played basketball. In other words, I did sprints.

Tomorrow is swimming again, and Tuesday there's an intramural 5K I'll run. Better pack my ice pack and IcyHot!

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