Saturday, June 27, 2009

Swimming, biking and running

Well, I did it! the fatrabbitracing tri 4 the
cure @ Columbus, OH. It took me about 1:47hr. They had some results printed out, but apparantly they were printed out before I finished.

Once it was over, the swim wasn't as bad as I feared it would be, and the water was warm! It was almost too warm, but that's much better than being cold! I finished in around 17min (1/4mi). I went waay around the buoy, then waay back in before getting straightened out, so it was seeming really long...and tiring.

The bike ride wasn't too bad b/c I kept thinking I was nearing the end, so I'd get that excitement and extra adrenaline. There was a really awsome downhill part--it was sweet! Too bad it was followed by a killer uphill part! There were some high power lines close by at one point, and they were really buzzing! I never realized they could be so loud! M had a spedometer/odometer, so she knew how fast she was going (cool) and how far she had left (not so cool when your legs feel like they're going to give out).

The run went down along the beach and onto a trail, then a bit of road. The grass was wet, and there were a couple of slippery, muddy spots. I actually felt like a fat rabbit. :P I did most of this part 1min slow jog, 1min walk. I didn't feel like I had anything left for sprinting at the end. I was able to step it up a little bit, but I also (at least) didn't also feel completely wiped out at the end either. I had no problem staying on my feet. I just wish I'd stretched out more afterward.

They had hot dogs, burgers, bananas, grapes, and chips afterward. I had one of each except for the burger (couldn't even finish the hot dog). Then, when we got back home, we went to The Cheesecake Factory (b/c the one in Columbus wasn't opened yet after the race).

Up next, AF Marathon 10K in September.

BUMMER: My race times are not showing up on the results. My number's not there at all! :~(
UPDATE: I found my race times. For some reason, they didn't have my age, and I had been looking under the "age group" results. I found me under "overall"

Swim 17:37, Rank 315, Bike 1:00:29, Rate 12.3, Rank 329, Run 26:53, Pace 8:41, Final 1:47:44.


  1. Congratulations!

    Wanna know why I don't do triathlons? Read the article "Death by triathlon may be more likely than death by marathon" in the L.A. Times.

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah, my husband mentioned he saw that. And just when I was thinking "well, I'll just do short ones," I saw that "most" deaths happened in short races. (How much is most of 14?) One thing I do have going for me: I'm not male. :)

  3. I wonder why it's the shorter ones. Maybe because you're more likely to find undertrained/unprepared participants there?