Friday, March 19, 2010

Break Time!

Spring break, quarter break, whatever you want to call it. I finished my last final yesterday at 5:30pm. Today I stayed in my PJs till 4:30! yes, pm. Little Monkey Boy ran out front, and I had to go catch him; I felt rather silly still being in my PJs that late in the day, so I finally got dressed--in sweats and a big t-shirt. Hey, I didn't want to sacrifice comfort.

Today's plan, as of last night, originally included going to Crossfit. Then that was downgraded to another elliptical workout at the gym, but that didn't happen either. Today I figured I'd get in some walking, but I was reading comments on some blog, and, well you know...inertia. THEN I thought, "well, I finally found my Yourself!Fitness cd the other day, I can do some yoga after the kids go to bed." Well, guess what? I had a totally, perfectly lazy day today. I slept late, folded a little bit of laundry, fed the cat, watched TV, and just "chilled" all day long. Felt good. I should be asleep by now, but, as usual, I'm not. Inertia. It's just so easy to stay here, in front of the computer or TV as opposed to climbing the stairs and clearing off my bed (more laundry).

I did go to the gym Tuesday and did another "walk" to "run" workout. This time I was able to get one of those Precor ellipticals that I like. They have more of a knee-up motion than a running motion, but I like how they don't make my toes go numb by the end of 30 minutes.

OK, well I've got a kid who's decided to camp out in the living room tonight, and he's still awake because of me (and TV, yes, we watch a lot of TV, but we also routinely kick the kids outside too; at least this way I'LL be waking HIM up in the morning instead of the other way around. :~P )  Good night, and happy Spring!

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