Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm up WAY too late

I'm really sleepy but just don't feel like getting up to go to bed. And somebody's gotta get up early to take Spiderboy to a Scouting for Food drive by 8am. yay. At first, my husband said he'd take him; more recently he said whoever's up first takes him. Hmm, wonder who that will be....

I made it to the gym again yesterday, woo hoo twice in 1 week! I got the 2nd to last available elliptical. Given Monday's Crossfit workout and the fact that I have been doing some elliptical/walking, I jumped right to day 3 of week 1 of my "walk" to "run" program. That was 10min warm-up, 2min "run" 1 min "walk" for 15 minutes, 5 min cool-down. I did at least 2 miles, I forgot to look before stopping. My legs were actually feeling it some what with Monday's rowing and KB swinging; even today going up the stairs at school was harder than usual. I wore my old Asics yesterday to the gym, tired of narrow shoes!

OK, goodnight.

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